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Vorontsov Palace

21 Jul 2011 5:06 PM
Vorontsov PalaceVorontsov Palace is in the green shady park in the heart of Alupka. This unique monument of architecture built in the first half of the XXI century. Romantic era is reflected in the original layout and distinctive architectural forms. Each building of the palace has its original style. Walls and interior decorations  are  bricked with a special  craftsmanship and delight fans of the Crimea. 

Vorontsov Palace is created by project of English architect Edward Blor. Hundreds of civilian workers and serfs - modelesr, masons, carvers, joiners worked to build the palace. It is built of diabase, which has been mined near the palace. Park was created by talented German botanist Carl Kebah. The terrain is used so skillfully that there is a feeling that the Vorontsov Palace "rose" from the natural environment. The palace was built as a summer residence of the governor-general of the Novorossiysk Territory Vorontsov (1782-1856). 

Vorontsov Palace in AlupkaSeveral buildings of the palace complex is an ensemble of architecture Vorontsov Palace. There are central, dining, library, guest and utility buildings. Guest building was renamed to Shuvalov, because Shuvalova Sophia Mikhailovna, Vorontsov’s daughter, lived there. 

Utility building of Vorontsov Palace has been built first (1830 - 1834). The central building has appeared in the 1831 - 1837. In 1841 - 1842 in the dining building has appeared a billiard room. In 1838 - 1844 was  built eastern wing, guest housing, utilities, all towers of Vorontsov Palace, the front yard. Library was built latest in the period from 1842 to 1846. 

Famous sculptural figures of lions appeared in summer of 1848 at the main entrance leading to the central staircase of Vorontsov Palace. The Lions were made in the studio by Italian sculptor Giovanni Bonnani. The lion's terrace has completed design and construction of the Vorontsov Palace in Alupka.

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