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Top Holiday Destinations for Families

Added by admin to Budget Family Vacations 22 Aug 2013 3:38 PM

Planning a family holiday means taking so many things into consideration from the safety of the area to the activities available for the children. The aim of the holiday is for you to all relax, safe in the knowledge that the destination you choose has a good health care system, no harmful or even lethal diseases to worry about contracting and it must be a safe in terms of crime levels.

Many families choose to head to the same destination year after year having found a suitable holiday location, but this can lose its appeal after a few trips, and with there being so many great destinations around the world that offer a safe and enjoyable family vacation, families can now enjoy travelling and exploring the world while being safe.

Top family destinations:


Algarve in Portugal is a top family vacation destination with spectacular beaches and an abundance of natural beauty. This area offers great family hotels and a choice of beaches and water sports to keep the whole family entertained. When wanting to get away from the beaches there are national parks and barrier islands to explore and the children will love the Zoomarine Activity Park where they can see all the aquatic animals. For the adults when looking for some time out there are a selection of premier golf courses to choose from. Crimes rates are extremely low; mainly pick pocketing and opportune thefts being the main concern. Healthcare is also widespread with a range of health care centres nearby to deal with smaller injuries and of course hospitals to deal with emergencies.
Overall Algarve, offers everything any family could want from a holiday, activities, good weather, a variety of cuisine options for all, and a good health care system.


Turkey is a wonderful family holiday destination with a host of family activities to choose from. Spend your days exploring the culture and history before adding some fun activities for the children from spending an afternoon on an unspoiled beach to relaxing in the thermal pools. There are a choice of lakes where you can see the wildlife or enjoy a boat ride and there are safari’s and water parks to keep the family entertained the entire time you are in the country.

Life in Turkey is affordable, meaning you will not have to worry about your holiday budget during your stay. While there is some concern regarding terrorism and organized crime, particularly in Istanbul, the tourist areas such as Oludeniz are popular amongst families for the safe environment and good community feel.


Ukraine is a real hidden gem amongst travel destinations. It can offer you a strong sense of history with its ancient castles and churches, and beautiful scenery including the mountain district of Karpaty. 

Crimea is a fantastic region to stay in if travelling as a family. Here you will find small sea side towns nestled by the Black sea where of course you can enjoy the beautiful beaches. You can also find mountains, caves, and fantastic architecture. With the variety of landscapes you will find plenty to explore.

The main attraction of Ukraine is that is hasn’t become spoiled by tourism, it is an authentic cultural destination which has not become ruined by busy crowds, it is also affordable. 


Dubai is filled with history, culture and a choice of great family activities from the indoor theme parks to the water parks and the aquarium to the indoor ski centres. For the adults there are great shopping opportunities, museums and historical sights to explore, enabling you to balance your holiday experience and keep the whole family busy and entertained.

Dubai offers everything you could ever want from a holiday which can take the pressure off parents trying to find activities to keep the children entertained.  While it can end up as more of an expensive, luxurious destination, you can hunt around and enjoy a more affordable Dubai to suit a smaller budget.

Healthcare in Dubai is of a very high standard. The facilities are modern, well kept and are accessible to all.


When you think of Florida you immediately think of Disney World and this is one of the stops you should make when in the area, the children will love it. But there is so much more to Florida from rowing a canoe in the Everglades National Park to hiking in one of the parks. The Key West Aquarium is always a great day excursion for families visiting the area and if you love the outdoors then you can spend your day kayaking along the Wekiva River.
Florida is a safe destination with very strong health care resources. While it is not the ultimate destination for a family on a very tight budget, it offers adventure, a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities, good weather, and more importantly a safe environment.


Morocco, located in Northern Africa has become a top tourist destination for families from around the world. This country has so much to offer from its pristine beaches to its wonderfully warm climate. Morocco is filled with history, culture and natural beauty, giving you and the family plenty of opportunities to explore. The family will love discovering the Sahara Desert on a camel or visiting Jemaa-el-Fna in Marrakesh where they can see the snake charmers and acrobats. You can also visit the ancient Roman ruins, do some shopping at the traditional markets or enjoy a relaxing sunset from the beach in front of your top quality beach resort.

Morocco offers a true adventure for the family and allows children to soak up an abundance of culture. Pick pocketing is something you must be aware of, particularly within busy markets and streets. However if you guard your possessions wisely, you have no cause for concern. 

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