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Added by admin to Cool Vacation Spots 31 Jul 2013 10:20 AM

Poltava, a home to some 350 thousand people, is located between 2 major cities of Ukraine: Kyiv the capital, and Kharkiv. Due to its relatively close location to the country’s main airport (the airport of Borispol is located 320 kilometers west of Poltava), the place is often visited by people who want to explore a less crowded Ukrainian city, not yet spoiled by tourists. Contrary to Yalta in the Crimean peninsula, there are no low and high seasons in Poltava; a room in a hotel will cost you the same regardless the time of the year you decide to visit. 

The museum of Poltava Battle is by far one of the most visited places by tourists. The battle took place on June 27 of 1709 in the city’s suburbs, and was the final battle of the Great Northern War in which Swedish and Russian empires were fighting for control over the Baltic Sea. 

Information for those wanting to visit the museum

Address: 32 Svedska Mohyla Street, Poltava, Ukraine
Ticket cost: 10 UAH (appr. 1 euro) per an adult
Extras: The costs of taking pictures or shooting a video are 10 and 20 UAH respectively. A guided tour around the museum will cost you another 40 UAH. 

To learn more about the museum, please visit their site at
To learn about other things to do in Poltava, check out Poltava Travel’s article.

Best Time to Visit

Central Ukraine is known for its cold winters and hot arid summers. As such, the best time to visit Poltava is spring and autumn. May and September temperatures are by far the most pleasant and accommodating months for sight-seeing tours.

Interestingly, the Day of Poltava is a holiday that is celebrated every year in Poltava on September 23rd. Come visit Poltava to absorb the festive mood of its inhabitants and marvel at spectacular firework displays. 

Getting There

Poltava Travel, as well as a number of other local travel agents provide car services from the Borispol airport. Those visiting Poltava from Kiev are highly recommended to take a speed train that leaves for Poltava daily, at 18:08. The cost of a train ticket will set for back for as little as 20 Euro. The ride takes as little as 3 hours. Book your seat at least a few days in advance by visiting

Getting Around

Poltava is a very compact city. Those of you staying in the center (Zhovtneva Street and around it) will be able to see most of the city’s sites on foot. To call a taxi requires at least basic knowledge of the local language (for Poltava is it predominantly Russian). Once you manage to do it, the cost of a taxi ride within the city should not be more than 3.5 euro (up to US $5). Needless to say, fares are paid in Ukrainian currency, hrvnias (UAH). Consider printing out the address of a place you wish to visit, and show it to the cab driver so he knows where you want to go. Finding an English speaking cab driving to Poltava is close to impossible. 

We hope you find this article useful. Poltava is a wonder place that is definitely worth a visit, so come visit it soon!

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