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Vacation Travel

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Crimea is one of the best Summer vacation travel resorts in Ukraine and worldwide. Since ancient times, the Crimean land is famous for its healing power. Crimean Black Sea coast and wonderful climate creates unique conditions for the vacation travel restoration of health. Those who once visited Crimea, take away a mass of vivid impressions. Vacation travel to Crimea is incomparable with any other holiday, because only here you can admire the enchanting beauty of its rich flora and verses created this wonderful land - tender sea and the mighty Crimean mountains. Today vacation travel to the Crimea offers great opportunities for tourists - from the summer improvement to skiing in the winter. Tours to Crimea, which combine vacation travel and recreation, as well as summer holidays are very popular. 

Kharkiv vacation travelThe City of Kharkov was founded in the middle of XVII century as a defensive item. Acquaintance with the city begins during  vacation travel with the University hill. It is named so because of the opening on its territory  one of the first universities, which became the center of science and culture in Ukraine and southern Russia. This is the old center and the oldest part of town, visit it while  vacation travel. Here on the hill, at the confluence of rivers Kharkov and Lopan, in 1654-1655 years was built their first home by migrants from Pravoberezhna Ukraine. They came to the territory of present-day town, fleeing from the Polish gentry. The settlement became known as the Kharkov after the river on which it was built. Have a nice  vacation travel to Kharkiv!

Lviv vacation travelLviv is the administrative center of Lviv region, national, cultural, educational and scientific center of the country, large industrial center and transport junction, worth of vacation travel. Vacation travel to Lviv, the capital of Galicia and western Ukraine. Lviv was founded by King Danylo Romanovich in the mid 13 century, have a vacation travel to the old city! In 1272 the city became the capital of Galicia-Volyn principality. In the medieval period Lviv was an important trading center. According to Austrian rule the city became a center of Polish and Ukrainian national liberation movements. After the collapse of Austria-Hungary Lviv was the capital of West Ukrainian National Republic. This would be one of the best your vacation travels.

Yalta is a pearl of southern vacation travel resorts. Yalta bordered on the west, north and east of Mount Ai-Petri, Yalta and Nikita Yayla to protect the resort from the north winds. The transformation of the fishing village into the fashionable vacation travel resort of European level occurred in the first half of the XIX century. After acquiring land in its area under the villas and palaces of the royal Romanov family. There are Livadia and Massandra palaces with beautiful parks,  "Kichkine", "Dulber " and "Ai-Todor ", paving the "Royal" vacation travel path from Livadia to Gaspra. In 1911 completed the construction of palace of the Emir of Bukhara, built Sobor of St. Alexander Nevsky Church of St. John Chrysostom, and other vacation travel sights.

SIMEIZ CRIMEA VACATION TRAVELSimeiz located between Yalta and Foros. Surroundings - the warmest vacation travel place in Crimea, as the village from all sides except the sea, surrounded by mountains. To the north rises the peak of Al-Bash, on the west - mountain cat ridge crest is curved like a cat ready to spring back. In the sea of towering cliffs, Swan Wing, Pan and Diva. On the edge of the vacation travel surf there are remains of the rock Monk, destroyed by an earthquake in 1927. Diva in the sea east of Cape Ai-advocates Panda, and between the Cape and Diva runs one of the best vacation travel beaches in the entire South coast. At the foot of the cliff there are ruins of a fortified Pan like a fortress of an ancient Byzantine monastery. Stert your vacation travel to Simeiz!

Balaklava Crimea Vacation TravelBalaklava - a small vacation travel town on the Black Sea in Crimea. There are many scattered around the world, and most of them known only to their residents, and even the postman. Balaclava is known all over the world. That word was not only famous place names, but even the fabled notion associated with ancient legends, fierce battles and romantic vacation travel adventures in Crimea. After Balaklava named streets, boulevards and metro stations in England, France and Turkey, the settlements in Australia and the island of Mauritius. Everyone must make a vacation travel to Balaklava. Inseparable historical threads Balaclava associated with Greece and Italy, Russia and Turkey, Britain and Germany. People from al these countres come here for a vacation travel.

Kovel - an ancient Ukrainian city, which begins its history from the beginning of the ninth century, when there were old Slavic settlement. According to the old legend, the first settler in the local area was a skilled artist - blacksmith, and therefore the village where he lived was called Kovle. At the helm here at the time were such historic figures as the princes Sangushki, Queen Bona, Prince Andrew Kurbsky and many other famous figures.oday Kovel - the second largest city with a population of Volyn 66,6 thousand people, which occupies an area of 47 square kilometers. Kovel region was the cradle of many scientists, writers, artists, whose names became famous not only Volyn, and Ukraine.

National historical architectural reserve "Kamenetz"
The ideal combination of the original landscape and interesting architecture draws in Kamenetz-Podolsk strangers from all over the world. Equipped Smotrych river and a huge number of towers, Kamenetz was recognized Ukrainian historical and architectural reserve. In addition it was granted the status of the first of the 7 Wonders of Ukraine. Kamenetz-Podolsk Ukaine occupies the third place of honor on the number of architectural monuments. The ancient buildings of architectural plan up to now has not lost its flavor, which actually tells about the culture of our ancestors who lived here many years ago.

The development of vacation travels in the Carpathians, although it was cut down the crisis erupted, but not stopped. With all its growing pains type clearly inflated prices for the not always adequate quality, the mountains "tourist" garbage that nobody is going to recycle, etc., the industry is alive and growing stronger, fueling a demand for good - mostly internal, by reaching out to nature citizens. Those who are responsible for the vacation travel, their business knowledge: know that for customer satisfaction, as a rule, have seen the world, not set up more comfortable hotels, rural estates and restaurants, kolyba.

Castles and fortresses of Ukraine
Kamenets-Podolsk – a city in the Khmelnitskiy area, one of the most ancient in Podolia. The city is known, first of all, for the fortress which protected many centuries a city from enemies. The fortress is located in a picturesque rocky central part of a city, over small river Smotrich, and unites in itself both natural, and man-made strengthenings. It is possible to get to a fortress as with excursion group, and it is independent.


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