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Vacation Spots

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This cemetery is one of the most romantic places in Ukraine. An outstanding vacation spot where you can feel how short the life is. Ukraine Vacation Guide advices to visit this place several times. Don't try to see all outstanding memorials during one day. This is a quiet place which requires slow walks phylosophical talks. Walk there with your friends or family, but it shouldn't be a numerous group. See old monuments of outstanding people and ordinary people. Think about life and death, abourt short time which man has on this land. You won't find a better place for this anywhere. Moreover, you will find there perfect examples of old art and architecture. There is also a good chance to get acquianted with Ukrainian culture and history in personalities...

Kharkov City Art GalleryVisiting Kharkiv? ukraine Vacation Guide advices to see the City Art Gallery. It's really worth to be visited. The main objective of the Gallery is promotion of Modern Art, especially works by artists of Kharkov and Ukraine. The main range of authors includes gallery of famous artists of Kharkov, the leading masters of contemporary Ukrainian art. There are more than 400 gallery exhibitions items. In addition to exhibitions the gallery hosted more than 200 cultural events. Long-term programs of the gallery, aimed at achieving its objective are "Kharkov - Art", "Masters", "Our Heritage", "Modern foreign art", "Russian Palette", "From the private and museum collections", "New Names", " Experimental Studio" and "Youth branch". Kharkiv Municipal Art Gallery is constantly among the top five leading galleries and exhibition centers in Ukraine.

Museum of Contemporary Art of UkraineLet Ukraine Vacation Guide take you to an outatanding Ukrainian vacation spot. It is the Museum of Contemporary Art of Ukraine.Today at the Museum presented collections of ancient Ukrainian icons, paintings of Ukrainian classics of early twentieth century; Ukrainian art era of realism and social realism of second half of the twentieth century as well as works by artists of the underground of 1960-1970's. There are also two exhibition spaces for temporary exhibitions (the whole first floor and a small showroom on the third floor). Today it is the only museum in Ukraine, which holds many works of different art schools and areas of all regions of Ukraine from the 1930s of the twentieth century to the present. The collection contains more than four thousand five hundred paintings, drawings, sculptures and decorative art masterpieces. 

Today Ukraine Vacation Guide reports about one of the most attractive vacation spots in Kyiv. National Cultural-Art and Museum Complex "Mystetskyi Arsenal" is one of the most promising projects in the field of culture of Ukraine, and it should be one of the world's largest museum and exhibition complex in the future. Art exhibitions, cultural events and perfomances take place there almost every week. And each of them is worth to visit. The most famous modern Ukrainian and foreing artists proud to exhibit their works in Art Arsenal. The museum is located in Old Arsenal building. It is not a military building any more and serves for purpose of cultural development.

PervomaiskSome people think that the real adventure in Ukraine is expecting them only in the Crimea or in Karpathean mountains. Ukraine Vacation Guide knows that it might be twice more interesting to visit   Mykolaiv region of Ukraine and to get acquainted with vacatoin spots of Pervomaisk. Pervomaisk (Ukrainian Pervomaysk) is a  city in the Mykolaiv region of Ukraine. It is the administrative center of the Pervomaisk district. The  population of the city is  - 67 200 inhabitants. Overall, the city has more than 60  monuments, plaques and memorials in honor of various historical events and personalities. For a few decades  the city of Pervomaisk was of high strategic importance.  Here were the headquarters of strategic rocket forces and command posts and mines with the most advanced nuclear missiles all carefully concealed deep underground. 

DrogobychUkraine Vacation guide is glad to present you Drogobysh, dear readers. Vacation spots of Drogobych are churches, monuments and beautiful secular architecture. Traditionally, the heart of city is Rynok Square with Statehouse. It was built in 20s of XX century upon the project of architect Mar’yan Nikodymovych in place of old one of XIV-XIX centuries. Statehouse noticeable by tower, what is looked over from city. Now city council of Drohobych siting here. One of the most beautiful buildings in Drohobych is Monastery of St. Peter and Paul, built in 1825-1828. The significant sites of wooden architecture will be interesting to visit too. Church of the Honest Cross was put up at the beginning of XVI centure and was enlarged in 1661. 

Pereiaslav-KhmelnytskyiUkraine Vacation Guide ivites you to Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi. This peaceful town is tightly connected with Ukrainian cossaks. That is why there are numerour vacation spots fron this period. Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavovich built a large fortress to protect the southern borders of Kiev Russ from the steppe nomads. Hypothetically, the residence of Russian Metropolitans had been in Pereyaslav, before The Saint Sophia Cathedral was built in Kiev. From the middle of the X century the city was the capital of the principality Perejaslavskogo, which had played the important role in protecting Russ from the Pechenegs and later from the Polovtsy. Pereyaslavl was destroyed by Mongol-Tatars in1239. Visit vacation spots of this town!

Ternopil, PochaivRead new report of Ukraine Vacation Guide. This time it is about vacation spots of Ternopil. There is Ternopol castle and a small park on the bank of lake. The original fortress with high stone walls was completed in 1558. Today, nothing like that before he had defensive walls and drawbridge. Feature construction of the castle is also the fact that from the shore palace has three floors, and from the lake - five. During the Second World War the building was partially destroyed. Now it is a popular recreation place equipped marinas where you can rent a boat, take part to different excursion program. There are the major pilgrimage centers: Holy Assumption Monastery in Pochaev (Kremenets district), which is one of the largest Orthodox shrines of the world.

Zhytomyr, UkraineUkraine Vacation Guide invitas you to Zhytomyr. It is a historical and cultural jewel of Ukraine with the rich past, interesting present and numerous vacation spots. Today it is the centre of the Zhytomyr Region of Ukraine with the population of nearly 310 thousand and the area covering 65 square kilometres. Since the Middle Ages Zhytomyr has always been the administrative centre of the area, and in 1918 for several weeks it was the seat of the government of the Ukrainian People's Republic. For eleven centuries in the centre of Ukraine on the boundary between the Forest steppe and the Polissya zones has been standing an ancient city with a marvellous name which takes in the dearest to us words - 'bread' and 'peace'. This is the city of Zhytomyr.

Sevastopol Panorama "Defense of Sevastopol in 1854-1855"In the central part of the historic boulevard located famous vacation spot, panorama "Defense of Sevastopol in 1854-1855". It is the world famous monument of heroism and national heritage. There is shown an episode of 349-day defense of Sevastopol – repelling  an attack by city's defenders June 6, 1855. In a wide vestibule of the building placed a sculptural portrait of the FA Roubaud by artist SA Chizh, as well as plaques with names of glorious defenders of Sevastopol. Exposition hall of the vacation spot contains relics telling about those who defended the Black Sea fortress, whose prowess earned Sevastopol title city of Russian glory. Part of the exhibition reflects the history of creation and re-creation of the panorama. A steep staircase leads to observation deck.

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