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Vacation Rentals of Ski "Tiger" of Prikarpatye
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Vacation Rentals of Ski "Tiger" of Prikarpatye

Tigers in Prikarpatye, and in Carpathians as a whole, aren't found, but there are vacation rentals. Greatest of cat's — a lynx. "Tigers" economists name the countries of Southeast Asia where for last decades enormous economic break has taken place. It is possible to name "tiger" of Prikarpatye a tourist complex "Bukovel" which has carried out the present break, — only with a projection to local scales. The base is constructed some years ago for no reason, near village Poljanitsa at bottom of mountain in height of 1139 m which has entitled this complex. Now Bukovel accepts thousand tourists, at the same time developing new projects and the infrastructure is improved.
The base is at height of 920 meters. Here there are 25 two-storeyed cottages, restaurant, a bar, a sauna, ski school, point of hire of equipment, first-aid posts, a life-saving service, five systems оснеження, systems of illumination of lines, parking lots of cars and so forth. Lifts and mountain-skiing lines are equipped on three mountains which surround a complex. On mountain Bukovel conduct two 750-meter lifts — бугельный and двухкресельный with transport capacity 700 people / hour. Two two-kilometer lines in width of 120-150 m with difference of heights of 210 m calculated on fans and beginners. Besides, on slopes of Bukovelja it is possible to rise by means of two multilifts in length of 280 and 250 m. Insignificant difference of heights allows to master elements of mountain-skiing descent here.

The dvuhkreselnyj lift in length and transport capacity 1000 people / the people conducts of 2300 m on mountain Bulchineha (1455) which has a long gentle slope. The line from the top station on this mountain lasts on 2,5 km. Also it is not marked by complexity. Other lift - бугельний, on 1000 m, conducts to the descent middle, beginners can go for a drive on a kilometer line.
And here the line from mountain Black the Biting (1241) is intended only for skilled mountain skiers and sportsmen. Its length approximately four kilometers, difference of heights over 340 m. On Black Klevi hour is established четырехкресельный the lift in length of 1700 m, its capacity 2400 people.

The base is in 100 km. From Ivano-Frankovsk and 30 km. From Jaremchi. To go better on own car. There are minibuses from Ivano-Frankovsk, and from railway station in Jaremche they ply each half an hour.

ТК "Bukovel" offers the visitors high-class service, but, of course, for decent money. We will tell, it is possible to hire supermodern skis of a season 2004-2005 for 150 грн. In day to reserve individual employment with the instructor — 80 grn./hour. Hire of skis costs from 30 грн. In day for the adult, in season peak - the minimum on 30 % is more expensive. Employment at ski school manage in 135 грн. In day. Lifting on the lift costs from two to seven grivnas, the subscription — 30-90 грн. Days in hotel — from 30 c.u., and in New Year's and Christmas holidays the price grows at least twice. The similar tariff policy is conducted also by partners of "Bukovelja", private tourist bases and hotels of the Jaremchansky zone. By the way, the complex of services of many of them includes transportation of clients to Bukovelju and the organization of support of rest on mountain-skiing lines. The same services give in the winter the best hotels of Ivano-Frankovsk and Kolomii.

High-grade rest in Bukovele it is obvious on pockets to prosperous people. But service on-minimum and pleasure from driving accessible even to students. If the problem with spending the night all the same exasperates, it is possible to find alternative nearby.
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