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Sports base of Tysovets. Best hiking!

18 Oct 2010 2:48 PM
TysovetsIn 32 km from the city of Skole the sports base "Tysovets" is located. It is the center of winter sports of the international level. It is a mountain-skiing complex at height of 1017,1 metres above sea level, in a riverhead of Tysovets (pool of Dnestr) in 2 km from Oriavchick.

Vacation in Tysovtse are the streaming roads conducting upwards all above and above, open an unforgettable panorama: a valley in a silent surround of the mountains covered harmonous pines of magic beauty. One of the main advantages of the base "Tysovets" is location among mighty deserted mountains, it is considered surprising, transparent and curative air. Snow drops stert there in the end of November. Snow lies till the end of April. Directly from inhabited places to a mountain-skiing slopes made a  rope-way in length of 1,5 km. Moreover? There are  slopes  equipped  with 2 ski lifts on 800 metres everyone.

For beginning skiers there is a short descent with the ski lift - the Ballet slope. It is at entrance to the right of road.

To other descents it is necessary to reach on ski lifts (it is possible by car if it has a full drive). From top we get on well prepared, rolled lines. Besides it, Tysovets offers two ski springboards in height of 70 m, 40 m and lines for running skis (5 km and 10 km) where Ukrainian Olympic team on biathlon trains. Vacation in Tysovtse consists not only in downhill skiing (for this purpose there are two points of hiring equipment),  it also high-grade leisure – a sauna, a pool, cafe, disco and training halls.

Here three years the new fascinating attraction – snowtubing -  works. It is descent on slopes of a small steepness on uncontrollable rubber circles with a plastic bottom. Snowtubing is very pleasant both to children and adults, as alternative of driving on a sledge. It is not dangerous in comparison with a sledge as consists of rubber. The line for snowtubing is protected from mountain-skiing, the lift is very simple.

Tysovets will present to you set of fine minutes of healthy rest, not without reason the Austrian sportsmen named Tysovets a pearl of Carpathians, and Swisses, admiring, spoke: "It seems that this heavenly spot is transferred from our Alpes!”

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