Wild corners of Crimea, hiking in Crimea
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Wild corners of Crimea, hiking in Crimea

04 May 2010 6:11 PM
Region: Ukraine, Crimea
Tour type: Lightweight extreme, trekking, caves, canyoning, cognitive
Season: year-round (on the application of group of 4 pers.)
Number of days: 7

Become a member of a hike can be anyone.

Itinerary: Simferopol - Ayan reservoir - Chater-Doug - Marble Cave - yew Gorge - Funa fortress - a cave MAN - Valley of Ghosts - Waterfalls Dzhurla - Geyser Falls - access to the sea - Simferopol

Far away from civilization. For true connoisseurs of wildlife. We will see the largest fountain in Europe. Rise to the majestic Chater-Doug, get acquainted with karst caves at its plateau - Suuk-Koba (cold) and Binbash-Koba (the thousand). Swim in the streamer of the small waterfalls. Let's look into the valley of ghosts. We will visit the famous cave "Marble" and ruins Funa. And in the end of the road will come out to sea.

Day 1.
Group Meeting in Simferopol in the morning. Meet! The instructor collects the entire group, verifying the completeness of your personal gear. Returns backpacks, sleeping bags and mats. Explains how to put everything in a backpack. We begin our tour! First, we'll get to Ayan reservoir and look at Europe's largest fountain. On the way, made the preliminary instruction. The whole team solemnly eat our first joint dinner! And after waiting for reinforcements our ascent to Chater-Dag. The survey would be so amazing, that you will not feel any fatigue. Today we still have to look into the cave equipped with "Marble" According to the famous cave explorers, it is among the five most beautiful caves in the world equipped. One of the most visited caves in Europe, Marble in 1992, was adopted by the International Association appointed caves (PM Guingamp, Italy). Dinner at a fire, get acquainted closer, and share first impressions. Overnight at the plateau.

Day 2.
Leaving camp assistant instructor and their backpacks, go for a walk light at the upper plateau Chater-Dag. And now on the road! Descent to the lower plateau. Go to the bottom plateau to the yew-tree valley (look at the unsecured caves and cave explorers will feel). Spend the night at the origin of the Angara River.

Day 3.
On the third day we make our way through the dense forest in the mountains. We will visit the ruins Funa. Let's look back in a cave MAN. Discovered and investigated its students from the Small Academy of Sciences, now it's called. Spend the night in the spring. Every day, nature opens up new and new beauty!

Day 4.
A bit extreme, but it is absolutely safe:) Go on Goat trail (steep slope). We break camp at the lake and the light will go get acquainted with the giants, which are so similar to the statues of Easter Island! And do not forget to grab the camera. In the Valley of Ghosts!

Day 5.
Waterfall Dzhurla. Of course, not Niagara, but a dip in a mountain river or in the streamer of small waterfalls - this is great! Swimming! Overnight river.

Day 6.
Again, a little extreme. However, your instructor will help, support, and you will then fondly remember a little adventure. Ascent along the waterfalls.

Day 7.
The descent along the river Alaq. Look at the stone mushrooms. And here is a waterfall geyser. Access to the sea. Swimming! Today is the last day of the campaign. Group became friends and do not want to leave. You can stay at sea for a few days. We'll show you how best to get to Simferopol. The rest of the group holding up to the station.

Optional: You can go to Sevostopol and look at the panorama. Chersonese. Livadia (residence of Russian Tsar Nicholas II), Alupka (Vorontsov's Palace in the English style), Yalta (Nikita Botanical Garden), and many, many things to see!

The price includes:
- Meals 3 times a day, as well as "snacks" on parking (1 per day - raisins, dried apricots, nuts, etc. to support the effort:)) - 7 days;
- Pay the instructor and assistant instructor;
- Payment for the use of parking, drinking water and other forest charges;
- Meeting in the Crimea, the movement in the Crimea;
- Insurance, group medical kit.

The price does not include:
- Hire of equipment (backpack, sleeping bag, tent, sleeping pad, sidushka). If you do not have their equipment - we will give it a rental
- Visiting the cave Marble (around $ 5);
- Moving to Simferopol (the instructor sees off if you want the participants to the train station in Simferopol, who wants to remain at sea - we do not object);
- All further program after the end of the campaign, ie After being landlocked.

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