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Skole Hiking

20 Oct 2010 6:39 PM
The city of Skole – the regional center in Lvov area – is located in the silent hollow surrounded from different directions with mountains: in the west — Korchanka (1180), from the east — Chudilova (670), behind it — Zelemin (1177), in the south are seen a backbone of Kievtsa (1064м) and mountain Kremjanaja (1137). The part of these mountains belongs to National park "Skolevsky Beskids". Absolute heights of the Skolevsky valley — 440-446 m above sea level. Inflows of the rivers Stryj and Opir, remarkable mountain kinds and pure air do this territory extremely attractive to green tourism.

About history of Skole it is possible to learn, visiting historical museum "Boikivshyna". And in the top part of a city the former lock of baron Groedlja known for the unusual architecture is located. Also it is necessary to visit: Wooden church of St. Paraskevia, Church of St. Pantelejmon and the Barrow "the Svjatoslavsky tomb". Since 1887 when the railway from the city of Stryj to the city of Mukachevo has been laid, Skole has started to develop intensively as small resort town. On the beginning of XX century there were built many boarding houses, a private pitchfork, hotels work there. Springboard for skiers also located there.

Skole Spots

Wooden church of St. Paraskevia (ХVІІ century) and a belltower (1760), constructed by masters boykivska school. A museum "Bojkovshchina" in the former church of St. Pantelejmon (an instruction of wooden architecture ХVІІІcentury) Museum of local lore at boarding school in Demn_(the former count palace).

National natural park «Skolevsky Beskidy» — the national natural park located in territory of the Lvov oblast. The park covers pools of the rivers Stryj and Opir, and occupies area of 35 261 hectares from which 24 639,3 are passed park in constant using.

The southwest  ridge  of Skolevsky Beskidy borders with a ridge of mountain Parashka of 1268 m. In park territory on the river Great Rika the falls of Gurkalo are located. In park territory there is a state historical and cultural reserve "Tustan".

The national park «Skolevsky Beskids» is created by the Decree of the President of Ukraine from February, 11th, 1999 № 157 on the basis of the Skolevsky wood wildlife preserve of nation-wide value.

Skole Dovbush RocksDovbush Rocks is the basic group of rocks in the area of 100 hectares, height to 30 m, a semicircle covers the internal area from the north and the east, from West side limited with a ditch and it is obvious, defensive shaft. Except the basic group of rocks by which the ancient dwelling is surrounded, in surrounding wood there are many separate rocks-towers. Among them it is necessary to note in the west highest "Tulip" (to 40 m of height), jugo-to the west it - "Doll", and also in the north, at road, lonely "Wind-driven generator". These caves with benches, ladders, ditches, shaft-loopholes, wells, unfortunately, and till today definitively not learned.

The majority of scientists considers that it is the rests of a rocky monastery. Someone considers that here there were locks or sentry strengthenings since IХ-ХIII centuries.

Till this time traces of extensions to rocks were saved, probably there were wooden walls and strengthenings of any lock. Someone connects various constructions in caves with habitation of Carpathean opryshki, especially with a name of Oleksa Dovbush. Having walked upstairs on rocks from which the fine panorama on Carpathian ridges opens, in the distance in the southern West it is possible to see mountain the Key, and slightly more to the right - mountain Parashka.

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