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Hiking in the mountain Crimea, canyons and mountain rivers of the Crimea

04 May 2010 6:04 PM
Region: Ukraine, Crimea
Tour type: Lightweight extreme, trekking, caves, canyoning, cognitive
Season: year-round (on the application of group of 4 pers.)
Number of days: 7
Price: 800 UAH.

Become a member of a hike can be anyone.
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Itinerary: Simferopol - p Alsou - Chernorechenskij Canyon - Cave Skelskaya - Canyon Uzundzha - Tea House - Silver Falls - Grand Canyon of Crimea - Ai-Petri - Yalta-Simferopol

This extreme - a hike! Go through the rock, mountain rivers with river crossings, thickets of trees down in climbing systems. No civilization!

We go through three canyons, climb the Ai-Petri. We will visit the space only cave in which the snow is even in summer! Trekking.

Day 1-2.
Group Meeting in Simferopol in the morning. Meet! The instructor collects the entire group, verifying the completeness of your personal gear. Returns backpacks, sleeping bags and mats. Explains how to put everything in a backpack. We begin our tour! Departure for Extreme - the passage to the Black River Canyon. For two days we will pass Chernorechenskij canyon on the rocks, pull the ferry across the river. Real jungle! You can ride on the vines. We passed our first canyon!

Day 3.
Let's look at the cave Skelskaya. Will feel cavers! In a canyon Uzundzha instructor and his assistant will hold training exercises, working with mountaineering systems. We are waiting for extreme abseiling to rock and new sensations!

Day 4.
All day we come to the Grand Canyon. Admire the beauties. We socialize and relax

Day 5.
Another small adventure! Walk the Grand Canyon is not so simple. Be prepared to pass some parts of the water as simply no other way. Crossing the water (stretching the ropes). Bypass the rocks. Passage through the mountain stream.

Day 6.
Now go up to Ai-Petri. Translated from Greek. St. Peter. The height of the mountain 1234.2 meters. Let's look into the cave Three-eye, in which the snow is even in summer. You can see the long-liver-pine 1100 years. At Ai-Petri, forget about fatigue. From observation platform offers the stunning panorama of the coast. The last dinner together at the campfire. Traditional end ... sorry to leave!

Day 7.
The last day of the campaign. It held lift with the longest unsupported span in Europe! Go down! Transfer to Simferopol.

Optional: You can go to Sevastopol and look at the panorama. Chersonese. Livadia (residence of Russian Tsar Nicholas II), Alupka (Vorontsov's Palace in the English style), Yalta (Nikita Botanical Garden), and many, many things to see!

The price includes:
- Meals 3 times a day, as well as "snacks" on parking (1 per day - raisins, dried apricots, nuts, etc. to support the effort:)) - 7 days;
- Pay the instructor and assistant instructor;
- Payment for the use of parking, drinking water and other forest charges;
- Met in the Crimea, a cable car ride down, the movement in the Crimea;
- Insurance, group medical kit.

The price does not include:
- Hire of equipment (backpack, sleeping bag, tent, sleeping pad, sidushka). If you do not have their equipment - we will give it a rental
- Visit the cave equipped Skelskaya (about 4 $);
- Moving to Simferopol (the instructor sees off if you want the participants to the train station in Simferopol, who wants to remain at sea - we do not object);
- All further program after the end of the campaign, ie After being landlocked.

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