Shehory – Mountain Skiing Winters and Green Travel Summers Resort!
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Shehory – Mountain Skiing Winters and Green Travel Summers Resort!

10 Feb 2011 3:11 PM
Recreation in Sheshory resort gives an opportunity to see one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Carpathians. Sheshory is famous for scenic waterfalls on the river Mistintsy, which flows from the mountain Greg at an altitude of 700 m above the sea level and is a right tributary of the river Prut. Waterfall Little Guk is located approximately 100 meters upstream from the bridge in the village center and has 2 meters height. 

Walk 150-200 meters along the bank of the river and you will see a beautiful picture created by nature itself, the famous waterfall Sheshorsky Big Hook, drop height is 5 metres. The noise and roar of water, the water clouds, crystal-clear and cold water of mountain river Pistinka... Bathing here - is a real pleasure! 

Sheshory offers various types of recreation. If necessary, living in the hospitable estate, you can undergo physical therapy in the sanatorium, take baths, etc. But in general, here treats nature - clean air and a balanced diet with pure and fresh food. From Sheshory can be made one-day trip to the lake Lebedin, which is covered with legends. 

Mountain Skiing in Sheshory

Sheshory ski resort is located on the hillside of Pasichna mountain. For tourists it can offer three routes with average level of complexity (from 700 to 1500 m), one rope tow. There tourists can rent  skis and snowboards and take lessons of instructor. 

Winter and in summer time both are very good for recreation in Shehory. Facilities & services: horseback riding, sledding, sleigh rides, billiards. You can also relax in the sauna and have a massage. 

You can eat at recreation centers or in café near the rope tow. In order to refuel your car, you have to overcome about 30 km, as the nearest gas station is located in Kolomiya.

Sights of Nature in Sheshory

Tract Lebedyn and a lake with the same name at an altitude of 650 meters, 45 hectares of protected area, many rare herbs grow there. Petrychila tract is very beautiful. There are 2682 hectares of forest around Shehory. Sheshorski Hook - one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Carpathians with a drop height of 5 metres and an area of 0.5 hectares. 

Sheshory  is a picturesque hutsulvillage, which occupies several kilometers along a mountain river Pistynka, known for its waterfalls. Over Waterfalls located summer camp site "Silver Falls" and sanatorium "Sheshory" that treat diseases os cardiovascular and peripheral nervous system, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and joints. 

Steadings of Shehory: Vuhlerka, Hrabivka, Demnia, Zavorittye, Zarichia Velyke, Zarichia Male, Mezhybrody, Oseredok, Sambir, Tsarina, Yakobivka. 

Tributaries of the river Pistynky in Shehory: Verhni Brusnyek, Hlyhul, Shendrivka, Hoperskyy, Cherlynek, Korov'yek. 

Mountains around Shehory: Brusnyy ridge (960 m), Kormytura (916 m), Rosohata (791 m), Pasichny (695 m), Radul (690 m), Mlaky (687 m), Kin’. 

Monuments of History

Church ofSt. Paraskevia 1874; zamchysche where the XVII-XVIII centuries. was strongly reinforced fortress; monument of Taras Shevchenko (bust of Honchar established in 1965 in spite of obstacles ideological institutions at the place of the monument built in 1940, destroyed during the WWII); cenotaph (1968 .) symbolic tomb of Sichovi Striltsi riflemen, poured in 1942, subsequently destroyed and re-consecrated in 1990, crosses the tract Mlaky, Petrychyla and Velyke Zarichya, where the rebels of UPA were killed. August 13, 1995 opened a monument to Ivan Franko. 

Sheshory is the traditional center of artistic weaving. Every house is decorated with towels, pillows, table clothes, sackcloth created by local folk artists. Across the country know the name of Anna V. Vasylaschuk, famous author of woven towels, winner of the Shevchenko Prize 1968. The superb products - towels, sackcloth, cloth folk artist reflects the entire gamut of human emotions.  She created  series of towels on the motives of poems of Kobzar. It is like original artwork to the book, it is thoughts of Shevchenko translated into the language of traditional colors and patterns of Hutsul art that sounded anew due to the outstanding talent of the artist. 

History of Sheshory 

The first written mention of Sheshory belongs to 1445, although settlement existed before, in the era of the Stone Age. In 1993, archaeologists discovered stone tools here, age - 10 000 years. 

In 1817 here acted squad of rebels (opryshky) under the direction of Mozoruka from Prokurava. In the detachment were residents of Sheshory - F. Slizhuk, M. Melnick and others. In the fight oh UPA were involved 115 residents Sheshory. Many of them died. 

In Sheshory was created in 1932 popular song "Gutsulka Xenia”. Written by student Roman Sawicki. He dedicated the song to the girl that captivated his young heart - daughter of forester Oksana Burachynsky. 

Sheshory Folk Music Video

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