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Yalta Seaside Park

16 Jul 2011 10:30 AM
Yalta Seaside ParkSeaside Park is a favorite creation of Yaltians. They have created an extensive park with a mass of ornamental trees and shrubs on the site of vacant lots that were here before the war. Flowers grow along alleys, magical roses of Yalta are among them. 

Seaside Park  is one of the most beautiful parks in the Crimea. Its territory extends along the western coast of Yalta bay for two kilometers and is a natural extension of the Yalta embankment. While walking along the alleys of the park you can find rare plants from around the world. Most of them are evergreen plants, some of them are 200 years old. Pebble beach is licated on the shore of Seaside Park. 

Yalta Seaside Park of Yuri Gagarin starts from the hotel "Oreanda." Few stairs lead to the site with a monument to Maxim Gorky.  Granite stone is located at the beginning of the alley leading to the monument. Significant words are carved on it: "My pride and joy is a new Russian man, the builder of the new state. Comrade! Know and believe that you are the most important man on earth. By doing your little business, you begin to create a truly new world. Maxim Gorky". Figure of the writer is on a high pedestal. 

Seaside Park in YaltaGorky repeatedly visited the south coast of Crimea. The first acquaintance of the writer with the Crimea was in 1891 when he traveled to Russia. Then young Gorky was walking along the coast from Yalta to Feodosiya. In later years he visited the Crimea and lived in Yalta, Mishor and Alupka. Gorky met with the Yalta underground revolutionaries a lot of times. In 1903, during  a secret meeting, he read his "Song of the Stormy Petrel".

There is a resort room in the park, where tourist love to spend their evenings. Music, dances, meetings ... In the resort room Yalta residents meet with foreign guests. Yalta is a member of the World Federation of United Cities and maintains close ties to Nice (France), Margate (England), Pozzuoli (Italy), Rijeka (Croatia).  

Monument to Chekhov is located in Yalta Seaside Park. An obelisk with the text of Lenin's decree "On the use of the Crimea for treatment of workers" is on the hill at the entrance to the park. There are good views of the Yalta coast, resorts, beaches, parks, new residential apartments from this hill. Seaside Park ends near the sanatorium "Russia".

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