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30 Sep 2011 1:17 PM
Are you ready to dig into the atmosphere of the ancient town, steeped in legends and myths? Are you ready to touch the history and culture of ancient times? Are you ready to visit quiet awesome place on the banks of the river Luga? Than the best choice for you to make is going to the medieval city of Volodymyr-Volynskyj, one of the oldest cities in Ukraine. Visitors will definitely enjoy clean and beautiful city with hospitable citizens and lots of historical attractions.

Volodymyr-Volyns’kyj is situated in the North-Western part of Ukraine near the border with Poland. The city population is about 40 thousands citizens. It is one of the administrative centers of Volyn’ region. 

The first record about the city dates back to 988 year, although it is quite older. In 884 it was mentioned in the chronicles as Ladomyr. Earlier it was one of the most important trading routes, which connected Western Europe with East.

At first city visitors should visit the oldest monumental buildings – churches and cathedrals. 

The Church of Assumption

The most famous of them is The Church of Assumption, one of the oldest temples of Ukraine, which dates back 1160’s. The ancient white-stone building overlooks the city little aside from the city center. At first The Church of Assumption was the residence of Volyn’ bishops and family vault of dukes Mstyslavovyches. The church is commonly known for its rich inner fit-out and the bell-tower, dating back to 15-th century. In the yard of The Church of Assumption are established monuments of the Old Russian princes.

The Crucifixion – is the monumental impictured painting example. This is a miracle-working crucifix. While the baptism procedure of the famous ambassador of Graeco-Catholic church Iosafat Kuncevych, the fire appeared from the Crusifiction and it was a God’s sign.

St Basyl’ Church

St Basyl’ Church – the rotunda-style temple – is the unique example of the orthodox architecture, which you won’t find anywhere in the world, except for Cyprus. 

It was built by the architect Oleksa, mentioned in Galyc’ko-Volyns’kyj chronicle. The elements of gothic architecture and unique church towers make the interior of the church amazing. 

The Earthwork

The Earthwork of the citadel is one of the most popular attractions among the city visitors. The first fortification was established in early Slavic period. The city walls with towers and several gates were on the earthwork. It was surrounded by water graffs from four sides to protect the fortification from enemies. 

There were several stone temples and castles on the territory of earthwork. From 19 to mid-20-th centuries the earthwork was used by Soviet Russia as a prison for politicals. 

The Cathedral Church of Ioakym and Anna

The Cathedral Church of Ioakym and Anna is built in late barocco style on the place of wooden temple, which was built in 1554. 

The basilica will impress by its beauty and splendor.

Volodymyr-Volyns’kyj Historical Museum

The Volodymyr-Volyns’kyj Historical Museum is a must see place in the city. 

It is situated in ancient park of Capuchin Monastery. The museum collection has more than 15 000 examples of various historical periods, among which the unique coins collection of 6-19 centuries, the collection of ancient books and masterpieces.

Zymne Monastery

Moving several kilometers from the city center you will visit wonderful monastery in Zynme village. 

Earlier it was the winter residence of princes, which was placed on the highest hill in the region. Zymne caves still remain one of the most intriguing and undiscovered places of monastery mountain with underground chapel inside it. In 19-th century it was extended and sanctified as Varlaam Church. Visitors of the cave will have the possibility to put the candle in the church and to walk through the secret exit from the cave. 

Watch the video about this amazing ancient city and you will definitely like to visit it and enjoy its wonderful landscapes and monuments. Have a nice trip!

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