National Literary-Memorial Museum of H.S. Skovoroda
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National Literary-Memorial Museum of H.S. Skovoroda

14 Feb 2012 5:13 PM

62241 Kharkiv region

Zolochiv district, with. Skovorodinovka

street. Lakeside, 3

(057) 649-41-40, 050 702 86 39.

National Literary-Memorial Museum of H.S. Skovoroda

Skovoroda is  founder of Ukrainian philosophy, poet, teacher, educator of Ukraine "foolish and wise» XVIII century, the first Ukrainian fabulist, and more - musician, singer, composer and people’s wise man.

Exhibition of Skovoroda MuseumHis earthly path ended here, at the estate of landlords Kovaliski November 9, 1794. On the territory of the museum park  there are favorite places of the poet (700-year-old oak, a well), the tomb of the philosopher, the monument of Skovoroda. The house, built in XVIII century as a garden pavilion and used as house for guests and parties.

The first two rooms reveal life of philosopher, his main philosophical ideas and artistic works. The third room is dedicated to the thinker and the study of his work in nineteenth-century XXI. The tour ends at the memorial room where Skovoroda lived and died. The exhibition also shows the history of the museum and cultural and art events taking place there.

Monument to Skovoroda

The exhibition presents a variety of materials: publication of philosopher and science fiction about it, books of ancient, medieval and new philosophers and poets, ethnographic objects, devoted to his paintings, drawings, sculptures, souvenirs. Some personal things of Skovoroda are also preserved. The museum exhibition is accompanied by audios of Ukrainian Sacred Music of the XVIII century and songs of Skovoroda (performed by the Ukrainian bard P. Prystupov). Films and documentaries, video recordings of cultural events in the museum are shown in the room.

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