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23 Sep 2011 12:35 PM
Energodar EmblemEnergodar is one of the youngest and most promising cities in Ukraine. It is an energy capital of the country, which was founded in connection with thermal power station building.

Energodar is the city of Zaporozhye region in southern Ukraine, located on the left bank of the Kakhovka Reservoir (in the Lower Dnieper). 

This is the place chosen for the construction of the largest in the country Zaporizhia Power Plant.  Earlier here there was a desert, sandy hills not suitable for agriculture which lasted along Dnepr on 30 kilometers. In 1969 it was decided to build a thermal power station and the city. 

The Energodar’s history began its countdown June 12, 1970 from laying granite stone, which was set among the sand dunes at the entrance to the future town. In this regard, it was decided in every second Sunday of June to celebrate the City Day.

Night in Energodar
With station creation the city was created also. November 23, 1972 Village of Power Engineers has been named Energodar. Energodar complex building combined with high rates of building of a state district power station. Along with the station blocks grew housing blocks, kindergartens, hotels, and the Sovremennik palace of culture. Park of Culture and Rest, founded in 1975, and The Pobeda Park are favorite vacation spots of local residents

Today Energodar is one of the most comfortable cities of Ukraine with a population of 55 thousand people. The city combines the seemingly incompatible things - a great nature and industry. And as electricity development is safe for environment, air in a city is pure, filled with pine aroma and a river cool. 

Energodar NPPAttractions of Energodar

Industrial base is a unique energy Energodar complex: the largest in Europe Zaporozhye NPP and Zaporizhzhya TPP. The significance of these stations is enormous: Energodar’s Power engineers produce 20% of Ukraine's electricity.

Undoubtedly, the most important Energodar’s landmark is Zaporizhzhya NPP.

Zaporizhzhya NPP is the largest nuclear power plant not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe. The decision on its building was accepted in 1978. 

In the period from 1984 to 1987 the four power units had been put into operation. Unit 5 was started up in 1989 and unit 6 — in 1995.

Zaporizhzhya NPP is a high-tech enterprise, a powerful electricity supplier in Ukraine.

The plant generates 40-42 billion kWh that accounts for one fifth of the average annual electricity production in Ukraine and for almost 47% of electricity generated at Ukrainian NPPs.

The massive construction of the station where six power units were abreast built, concealing in itself improbable power, - all it makes depressing-enthusiastic impression. It is possible to see turbine branch where nuclear energy is directly developed, and the training center (by the way, unique in Ukraine), there is an exact copy of a block control panel of the nuclear reactor, in each of six nuclear blocks. Here the personnel learn to react to possible supernumerary situations (the word "accident" nuclear scientists carefully avoid). In the same place there is "a red button", press it when there is just that supernumerary situation (for example, the steam and gas generator has burst).

The Kakhovske Reservoir is one of the most picturesque places of Ukraine, is in the bottom watercourse of Dnepr. It was formed as a result of a construction of a dam of Kahovsky Hydroelectric Power Station in 1955. The Kahovsky water basin was filled in 1955 - 1958.

Kakhovske ReservoirThis richest on abundance of fish reservoir attracts a huge number of fishing amateurs and professionals at any time of year. The reservoir can be praised not only visitors from different regions, but also a variety of inhabitants. In the artificial sea are found both predators and a peace small fish, abundance of the bull-calfe involves even butterfingers which always come back home with rich catch.

In the area of the Kakhovske reservoir created state nature reserve " Dneprovsky porogy," and the Veliky lug National Park.

The Veliky lug National Park is located in Zaporizhzhya region. It was created in 2006, the Park Square is 8084 hectares and it is protected by the country.

aicient stone monumentThe territory of Veliky lug National Park includes a part of the Kakhovske reservoir with archipelago of islands Malye and Bolshye Kuchugury, a site of its coastal line around settlements Skelki - Energodar, Mayachanskuyu beam and Belozersk tract.

The park was created for the purpose of conservation,reproduction and rational use of typical and unique natural landscape and historical-cultural complexes of a steppe zone, which are of great environmental, scientific, aesthetic, recreational and curative value.

The development of territory of the Veliky lug National Park dates back to ancient times. This land attracted settlers Paleolithic times more than 40 thousand years ago.

All nations that have passed through the territory of modern Ukraine, left their "footprints" in the Veliky lug. On Kuchugurah there are rests of Pecheneg city, in Basanka – cemeteries and parking XVI, IV and II millennium BC, on all territory barrows different of different nations, caves times Zaporizhzhya Sich. The natural boundary Seven Beacons also is known since Cossack times. And long, almost 10 kilometer Majachansky beam was a way which Tatars went to Russian lands. 

The territory of Veliky lug was a long time in the realm of Zaporozhye Sech and was of great importance for the development of its economy. Annually lands were distributed by toss-up between 38 huts. Villages of the Beam, Majachka, Skelki and nowadays flooded village Basanka were Cossack winterings. Here for the first time in Europe the first artificial woods have been created, which Cossacks landed with the military-defensive purpose. In village Majachka Cossack burials with wood crosses have remained. 

In total in territory of area are 227 monuments, from them archeology - 140, history - 78, architecture and town-planning - 7, monumental art - 1, arts - 1 are registered.

Doves in Energodar
In memory of its ancient inhabitants, Energodar preserved sculpture of the Scythian women. It is located on the territory of the Energodar hotel. Historians date these sculptures VI - III century B.C. Proceeding from this data, it is possible to assume that the age of Energodar’s statue can reach 2500 years.

These sculptures were a cult of our ancestors. But this is not gravestones monuments - they were life-affirming nature. The statues were created in order to bring success, prosperity and fertility.

Curious information

Energodar – a youth city, middle age of the population is 28 years. 

Original architectural construction – the city quay located along the channel. Here you will find cozy cafes, restaurants, bars, exhibition hall, library. Among the blooming flower beds and shady trees are benches - a very pleasant place to relax.

Motocross in energodar dunes

Sport in Energodar

Energodar dunes are an ideal place for motocross competition. Annually in March racers from different corners of Ukraine gather here to be overcome for the Superiority Cup

Public is impressed especially with dizzy jumps of sportsmen on a sandy springboard on one of sites of a racing line.

Tournament for the prizes Sidorenko brothers is the annual boxing tournament. It is spent since 2005. Due to the fact that now the tournament is held in autumn in the city of Sevastopol, instead Tournament was "In memory of Vladimir Manzuli".

RegattaAll-Ukrainian competitions in rowing and canoeing on a cup of Zaporizhzhya NPP, are held in the autumn.

If you come to Energodar in summer or fall, you can become the witness of exciting sport event. 

In June - a regatta on prizes of the Zaporozhye atomic power station, August - the Regatta of memory of V.Cherevichnogo and the Stage of the championship of area on sailing, and in September and October - the Regatta «the Cup of the Kahovsky sea».

Energodar slideshow

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