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Family Vacation

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Crimean family vacations has long been famous for its healing powers of nature. Even in the V century BC Greek historian Herodotus wrote about the use of Tavrika mud for treatment. After joining the peninsula to the Russian medical factors, researchers are interested in first home of the Crimean south family vacations. Initially, the use of resort factors limited Sak and Evpatoria mud. The modern history of the peninsula as the family vacation resort begins with the 60-ies xix century, when it was visited by Emperor Alexander II. On the advice of an outstanding clinician, Botkin southern coast of Crimea has become the place for climatic family vacation for Empress Maria Alexandrovna, who suffered from tuberculosis.

As it is difficult to find time for the whole family! Cases, problems, trips, talks ... what is there in our tumultuous life! Peace. That is why choosing the time for family vacation, you want to get into the hills Tauride. This is where you promote diverse family vacation. Crimea is rich in historical and cultural monuments, museums, parks, Cascade Mountains and alpine yaylami, valleys, plains and family vacation spots. Here everyone can find something that the soul is closest. For example, wide beaches in Malorechenskoe, Marine, Veselov, Grape Valley, clean sea and extensive views for a beach family vacation.

Today the town rest near Kiev has two main areas: ffamily vacation (parents with children) and children's camps. Living conditions in the tourist complex around the capital variety, so the price difference is very big.
Stayfor a family vacation in the ordinary wooden house could cost 20 UAH. per day, whereas night in a comfortable hotel Koncha Zaspa "pull" from 50 to 200 UAH. Variants of family vacation near Kiev is not very much - within 3-4 hours of travel are mostly wooden houses old type and gostinechno-restaurant complex.

The crisis of crisis, but the spirit of travel is especially strong in the autumn, when I want to stretch their wings and fly to new places, like migratory birds. If you have never been to Odessa - This article is for you.
Of course, any city is difficult to describe in one article entirely, but also so that, reading it, you have not started to yawn. A yawn can not under any circumstances - Odessa is famous for the sea, the noise and sense of humor. The city is abuzz with cars and people, he is full of attractions and interesting stories, the quiet old streets and bustling modern roads. Even without knowing the city where you can, to prepare, wonderful to spend time.

Ukraine has long been famous for its rich cuisine. Borscht and dumplings, dumplings, dumplings and sausages, roasts and drinks from fruits and honey known far beyond Ukraine. National cookery charges hundreds of recipes. Some foods have a long history, such as, Ukrainian borscht. For the majority of dishes typical of a complex set of components (for example, in the borsch their number to 20), as well as the combination of several methods of thermal processing products (roasting, steaming, stewing, baking). This technology causes the unique taste, aroma and succulent dishes of Ukrainian cuisine.


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