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30 Sep 2011 12:06 PM
Andrushivka is a small town on the Guiva River in the north of Ukraine which is situated on the territory of Zhytomyr region. Despite its territory is not vast there are enough places of interest to satisfy the burning desire of seeing something unusual of any tourist. 

Andrushivka is rather young; the status of the town was received only in 1975. 

This place is full of archeological, historical and architectural places of interest. Not far from the town the remains of the Cherniakhiv Culture were found. In the historical resources Andrushivka (at that time Andrusivka) was mentioned in 1683 together with Stara Khotelnia as an adjacent village. The name of the town "Andrusivka”, according to the legend, was given to the town by a young boy Andrus, who chose the place for the town. Later on Andrusivka was transformed into Andrushivka due to the Polish domination and the influence of Polish language in pronunciation.

In the 17th century magnates Berzhynski became the owners of the town. In 1848 they built the first in Zhytomyr region sugar factory which contributed to the development of the town in future. Due to them Andrushivka also got its beautiful park and the palace. 

In 1861 the village was bought by the sugar magnate Artemiy Tereshchenko who got the factory together with the palace. He expanded the territory of the park; the palace was rebuilt according to the style of French Neorenaissance.

Tereshchenko Estate 

Tereshchenko Estate The Palace or Tereshchenko Estate was built in the middle of the 20th century. The building is situated in the park. Anyone coming to this place can be easily brought into the atmosphere of the past as the form of the building is well preserved. The territory of the complex consisted of the palace itself, the greenhouse and the part for housekeeping. In 1975 the second floor was built over the greenhouse.

According to the legend, Artemiy Tereshchenko wanted to make a present to his wife Sophia. He decided to dig out her name round their estate. Unfortunately, he didn’t manage to bring his idea into life totally and made only "S” and "O”. Now the pond "O” is the favourite place for the citizens and the guests of the town due to its beauty and romantic atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the interior part of the estate cannot tell much about its owners and the way they lived. Only marble stairs and Greek décor in one of the rooms confirm the previous splendour of the estate. Now this building is used as a school №1 so one can easily enjoy the beauty of this building at any comfortable time. 
The palace is well-known not only due to the famous family of the Tereshchenko. After the Revolution in 1919 here was the staff headquarters of the horse cavalry with Semen Budionny at the head. At this very balcony (in the picture) the talented Soviet Commander presented to the citizens of Andrushivka his revolutional speech.


ObservatoryExcept the palace the town attracts tourists due to the fact that somewhere in the extragalactic system there is one more Andrushivka – the star which got such a name thanks to the owner of the exclusive in Ukraine private observatory Yuriy Ivashchenko. 

The observatory was found in 2001. Now it is a fully valid scientific establishment where 35 thousand extraterrestrial objects have been already investigated. In this very observatory a new star was found which got the name Andrushivka in honour of the town.

Cultural and religious life in the town is also very rich. After Ukraine has got its independence (1991) several temples and churches restarted its activity in Andrushivka.

There are two clubs and two libraries in the town to satisfy one`s cultural preferences. Recreation Centre and the School of Arts are very popular among the citizens. Thanks to these establishments the visitors of the town can get to know more about the history, culture and traditions of Andrushivka. Those who appreciate everything in the world of the cinematograph are welcome to visit the cinema club – an interesting architectural building – which is situated in the centre of the town.  

For some people a specific historical interest can be provoked by the remains of the khirkhutu – Jewish cemetery. For the first time Jewish came to Andrushivka in 1784. In 1926 the community of the Jews consisted already of 655 members. At present times only the cemetery gives evidence about the numerous Jewish community which lived on the territory of the town.

Andrushivka is the motherland of many famous people all over the country. Here were born talented Ukrainian poets L. Morozova-Kurek, V. Morozova, doctors of science V. Zemlynskiy, A. Pidgornyi. 

The town is also known due to the works of a well-known artist Valentyn Khovalchuk. Works of this painter, mainly landscapes, can be seen at the numerous exhibitions in Zhytomyr but anyone can get acquainted with this man as he teaches drawing at school №1.  

Andrushivka implies an excellent all year round hotel in the downtown which views a young park with flowerbeds. In the centre of the park there is a monument to an itinerant player on a lute. People make jokes saying that the melody of the lute helps to see sweet dreams at night.  

Andrushivka has a suitable geographical position. From the central bus station one can easily get to the centre of the region Zhytomyr where the nearest resort Denyshi is situated. The town also implies good connection with the capital of Ukraine Kyiv. It takes only two hours to get there. What is more, getting from one part of the town to another is not a problem – each hour the buses take passengers to the place of destination. 

Welcome to Andrushivka!

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