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Ski Ukraine. The review of mounting skiing resorts of Carpathians. Part 1.

31 Oct 2010 8:33 PM

Every winter Carpathians meet more and more guests. Hence, mounting skiing resorts here more and more joyful. Moreover, in peak of a season which coincides with the New Year's and Christmas holidays, the available network can't accept all interested persons, and vacations for this period reserve from an early autumn. We offer readers the review of mountain-skiing bases of Carpathian region. It far not exhaustive, however gives information for making a choice. 

Ukrainian Lake Placid.

The Carpathian town of Slavske reminds the American capital of winter Olympic Games-1980. Slavske is the most known in Ukraine  center of mountain skiing. Here there are six ski trails, certificated by the International federation of skiing (including a slalom-giant and a superslalom). National and international competitions often held there. Sportsmen of national teams and clubs of Ukraine train there. At the same time annually, and especially in winter, hundred thousand of tourists come to Slavske for skiing and having fun.

The main point of ski pilgrimage — mountain Trostjan (1232) where works ski chair lift in length of 2750 m and six ski rope tows (from 700 to 1300) and almost 20 km of mountain-skiing lines. Actually on Trostyan also located certificated sports lines, but there is enough place for amateurs as well. Number of skiers sometimes such big that near lifts form long turns. The infrastructure on Trostyane belongs to a sports-tourist complex "Dynamo". Distance from base to mountain bottom is about three miles of the extremely broken road. It is one of the greatest problems of this skiing resort. On the mountain "Dynamo" there is one more sports complex which name is "Verhniy".

For sportsmen and fans on a grief Pogar where established two ski rope tows, trails there  are intended for fans. On mountain "Pysana” near base "Politehnika-2" there are also trails for amateurs. Trails for beginners and amateurs near boarding house "Slavsky" and a camp site "Crocus".

There are 17 bases in small town, several private minihotels and manors of green tourism. But in season peak almost every second private house accepts tourists. The greatest bases (on quantities of places) — "Dynamo" (180), "Politehnika-2" (130), a medical-improving complex "Slavsky" (120), boarding house "Boykivshchina", «the Pearl of Carpathians» (87), "Mountain Valley" (80). During the last years the infrastructure of Slavske develops very intensively, and some hotels and bases provide high level service. Almost on each base there are suite, or a junior suite rooms. Such service (including a food, a sauna, a car parking and so forth) can cost to 50 USD per day. Besides — cafes, bars, restaurants and shops. Tourists enjoy there not only skiing, but also horse and pedestrian walks, excursions. There is also a specific pleasure of bathing in the open air in a heated pool.
The haven for the night (without conveniences) in Slavske can be found at private houses for 5 USD per day, but in peak of a season price can be higher. Local residents will offer you tasty and rather inexpensive meals. As a whole, by the most modest calculation, stay and productive leisure time in Slavske will cost 20 USD per day. Slavske is located in 22 km from Skole, in 60 km from Stryy and in 140 km. from Lvov.

On 10 km from Slavske located a tourist-sports complex "Tysovets". The base is in 8 km to the right from a road Lvov-Uzhgorod. In Soviet period skiing complex "Tysovets" created as the international center of winter sports — in small village have constructed even a five-floor apartment house for the personnel. Visitors of a complex mark qualitative and rather inexpensive service, tasty cuisine, professionalism of the personnel, good ski trails.

From a camp site there is a direct chair lift to the mountain.  There are two trails on 800 and 700 m equipped by ski rope tows. Near to base there is a short descent with a hook lift — for beginning skiers and snowboarders. By the way, in Tysovtse in February snowboarders organize festivals. Tysovets is also known for a special 500-meter line for mogul, one of freestyle winter sports.

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