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Shelkino Cheap Vacation

06 Oct 2010 7:42 PM
Shelkino is a small town on the Azov sea, located near the famous Cape Kazantip. Shelkino founded in October 1978 as a settlement of the builders of the Crimean nuclear power plant and is named in honor of Cyril Shchelkin, a Soviet nuclear physicist.

Crimean nuclear power plant construction started in 1981, but in 1989 it was officially put on hold under 80% of the readiness due to the fact that the ground of building was recognized geologically unstable.

To breathe life into the ruined Schelkinski NPP managed young windsurfers, which since 1993 have started there sport and music festival KaZantip. In 2000 the festival moved to the village Popovka (Saki area) and the building of nuclear power plant again was absorbed by silence.

Shelkino of today - a place where you can really relax from busy city life, enjoy the surprisingly beautiful sea and wide sandy beaches. Vacation in Shelkino really cheap, but rich with vivid emotions, which give to its guests the friendly locals. Spend your holiday on the beaches of Shelkino!

History of Shelkino

Crimean nuclear power plant construction was started in 1981. In 1984, at the suggestion of then-chief of Construction Shtogrin V.A. after the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant building is declared All-Union Komsomol. In 1987, construction was almost stopped and was officially halted in 1989.

In addition was built and for a time worked a solar power plant. It was also established about twenty turbines, which are currently not working.

From 1993 to 1999 in the area Shelkino held an annual festival of electronic music "KaZantip.

In the summer of 2008 on Cape Kazantip was camerawork of the film "Inhabited Island" (director - Fyodor Bondarchuk).

Hotels of  of Shelkino

    * Pension "Crimean Azov"
    * Recreation "Riga"
    * Hotel "Azov"
    * Pension "Crimean dacha"
    * Pension "Elvira"
    * Pension "Coral"
    * Tourist complex "Star City"
    * Holiday House "Mysovoye"

Video of Shelkino

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