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19 Jun 2012 6:50 PM

Cape Ai-Todor

Cape Ai-TodorCape Ai-Todor consists of three rocky spurs (ridges) with a small cove and a beach. East Ridge is called the Lymyn-Burun, which in Greek means "Cape Harbour". This part of the Cape is easy to find by the rocky islet - Sail Rock.

It is difficult to climb to the top of the cape, but the reward of your labors will be the viewing platform, "Captain’s bridge" that hung over the sea.

Back in ancient times, the ancient temple stood here on the west ridge. Then Greek colonists were changed by Romans who founded a fortress "Charax". Later, at Cape Ai-Todor acted Orthodox Greek monastery of St. Theodore. In 1835 here was built a lighthouse on the orders of Admiral Lazarev. Tourists are not allowed to entry there, as it is a military facility. 

Average spur is called "Avrorinrock". Here begins the famous Haraksky park. In the 19th century there was built the estate "Ai-Todor", one of the largest holdings of Romanov family.

The main attraction of the Haraksky park is gazebo, standing near the precipice. 12 ancient columns aged more then 2000 years were brought from Greece construction of this gazebo. Sanatorium "Dnipro" is located there nowdays.

Getting there:

Cape is located 8.5 km south-west from Yalta. Stop: sanatorium "Dnipro". Bus number 32, 27.

GPS: 44.25706, 34.7353

Estate of Ai-Todor

Estate Ai-TodorAi-Todor estate was built in  1860s for the Grand Duke Mikhail Romanov. But soon it became a favorite spot for Alexander III and Nicholas II, with their august families. 

The royal (solar) path, length of 6 kilometers, was paved here from the Livadia Palace specially for the royal family.

In 1912 was built a second palace in the style of "modern" for the children of Grand Duke. Its walls were decorated with bas-reliefs with ancient scenes. Until now only bas-relief depicting the tillers of the soil were preserved.

Old Park "Ai-Todor" joys an eye with lush vegetation, fountains, benches and, in fact, continues thee park of another Crimean estate  "Yasnaya Polyana".

The building of the estate "Ai-Todor" survived, and today it is one of the buildings of the children's sanatorium named after Rosa Luxemburg.

Telephone: (0654) 24-23-56, 24-22-18

Location: Sevastopol highway, 8. Stop: "The resort of Rosa Luxemburg"

GPS: 44.25.811, 34.6931

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