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Beach Vacation

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Ai-Todor CapeDuring your beach vacation in Crimea you must visit Cape Ai-Todor, which consists of three rocky spurs (ridges) with a small cove and a beach. East Ridge is called the Lymyn-Burun, which in Greek means "Cape Harbour". This part of the Cape is easy to find by the rocky islet - Sail Rock. It is difficult to climb to the top of the cape, but the reward of your labors will be the viewing platform, "Captain’s bridge" that hung over the sea. Back in ancient times, the ancient temple stood here on the west ridge. Then Greek colonists were changed by Romans who founded a fortress "Charax". Later, at Cape Ai-Todor acted Orthodox Greek monastery of St. Theodore. In 1835 here was built a lighthouse on the orders of Admiral Lazarev. Tourists are not allowed to entry there for family vacations, as it is a military facility. Ai-Todor estate was built in  1860s for the Grand Duke Mikhail Romanov.

Today Ukraine Vacation Guide calls you to Sudak for a perfect beach vacation! Cypress Alley is the center of the town. Tourists love to walk there in the evening. If you prefer a quiet beach vacation, you will find there warm sun, the sea breeze, dinner in a cozy cafe. Sudak and its surroundings have large number of attractions. The first thing you need to see is a Genoese fortress. Preserved since the Middle Ages, it attracts tourists with its beauty, its legends. In July, Genoese fortress hosts an international festival Knights Castle. Lot of people go on holiday to Sudak, to try hand at mountaineering. The mountains here are not very high and are the best option for beginners. People also love  beach which stretches for two and a half kilometers from Alchak to Castle Mountain. You also must visit Meganom, Kapselska Bay, water park, scenic mountains and the array of Kara-Dagh.

Crimaen beach resort RybachyeThough beach season is finished in Crimea, Ukraine Vacation guide will tell you today about baech vacation resort. Rybachye is a picturesque village situated on the South Coast of the Crimean peninsula at the distance of 28 kilometers from Alushta. It is a small quiet health resort surrounded by the Main Range of the Crimean Mountains and Black Sea.  Green mountain ridges like backs of the gigantic motionless pangolins hide it from the busy world of men and create this inimitable atmosphere of conciliation, joy and harmony with nature. Warm climate, healthy forest air, wide pebble beach, clean sea waters – it is all you need for you and your family. In Rybachye there is also a great choice of night clubs and bars where you can chill out after your busy day. Night life of the resort is full of fun and elation. You will  meet  interesting people and make new friends.

Koktebel Beach VacationUkraine Vacation Guide reports today about one of the best places in the world to spend your beach vacation. It is Koktebel. Koktebel means in Turkic "land of blue tops". This magic place attracts people with a creative mind, because of special atmosphere of creativity and freedom. Walk around Koktebel and you will feel that heart beats faster. You will be very delighted by the beauty of Cape Chameleon vacation beaches and Karadag nature reserve. Jazz Koktebel  is the yearly Jazz Festival which take place in Koktebel since 2003. The central beach of Koktebel is clean pebbles and sand. Go to the east of Cape Chameleon and visit stunning beaches of the  Quiet bay, the French beach, and even further a few bays and vast sandy Ordzhonikidze beach. 

Kerch beachThere are many attractive places throughout the Kerch peninsula. You will be glad to spend there your beach vacation! Beaches of Kerch Peninsula are so diverse and unusual that even Crimeans, very demanding to recreation, have great pleasure here. Kerch peninsula is interesting beach vacation spot for its water area. It is the only place where guests can choose both the Black and Azov Sea. Eltigen or "Geroevka" is the perfect place for a beach vacation. Various public and private pensions, tourist & holiday centers are built in Eltigen. The sand in Geroevka is clean, small and very soft. A five minute walk from the beach there is a market and shops where you can buy anything. If you are interested in history, visit  monuments of the Great Patriotic War. 

KerchKerch is an amazing place to spend an unforgetable beach vacation. Guests of Kerch enjoy low-cost and high-quality vacations, long sandy sparsely populated beaches and boating. Kerch has access to a variety of marine areas: the Black and Azov Sea, Kerch Strait, and a dozen of healing lakes. Clean beaches have vast spaces, where you can find a place for solitude. Sea air recreate health and creates a good mood.  Vacation in Kerch is an exquisite combination of beaches, romance and fun with outstanding monuments of ancient architecture. The variety of monuments of different eras in Kerch is amazing, its beaches are sandy and clean, sea in Kerch is warm and full of tasty fish; its people are friendly and cheerful.

Feodosiya attracts to the summer beach vacation more and more tourists each year. Sparkling sea, clean air and pleasant climate beckon them here for affordable beach vacations. Service  in Feodosiya is affordable, a wide range of hotels and hostels for every taste. Feodosiya cheap beach vacation will surround you with romantic atmosphere of cruises to the warm, shining from the sun's glare sea. Numerous cafes, clubs and unusual attractions will be to the lovers of fun-filled beach vacations with kids. Summer beach vacation in Feodosiya is a repudiation of the routine of everyday life, fun entertainment, the opportunity to visit fascinating excursions and have a great time. God-given (that's translated name of the city) Feodosiya captured the milestone of its rich history in numerous monuments of architecture and culture and best beach vacation spots in Ukraine!

Alushta beach vacationAlushta is one of the most popular climate and Summer beach vacation resorts of Southern coast of Crimea, Ukraine. Each year travelers from all over the world come to recreate on cheapbeach vacations in Alushta. Clean air, beaches, warmed by the heat of the sun, lush greenery, tranquility and serenity, all of it is south beach vacation in Alushta. The resort is located on the shores of the Black Sea. Alushta climate is very favorable for the treatment and health improvement throughout the year, espevially during Summer beach vacation. Affordable beach vacation in Alushta is incomparable with anything. In Alushta the warmest sea and the most majestic mountains of the Crimea. In the region of Big Alushta  there are wide (about 50 metres) small pebbles or sandy beaches. There are furnished embankments, and famous wild nude beaches around the Cape of Sauter. Best beach vacation idea!

Koktebel nudist beach is a strip of length about 700 meters to the east of the town. Great beach vacation idea! It is not difficult to find it. There are no signs, but going in a certain direction across the public beach, you get to the Koktebel nudist beach. The boundary is the stream width at half meter. It differs from this part of the public not only bleakness sunbathers, but also the fact that there is a lot of beach vacation tents. People live on the beach vacation  for months. Tents are at a distance of 50 meters from the water. Full communion with nature. This ia a great summer beach vacation idea. This is a real Naturism. However, more than half of sunbathing - beach vacationers from the village. Koktebel attracts many people from different parts of the world.

Odessa climate - a topic for another discussion. Some researchers say that optimism and an inimitable sense of humor from Odessa - is a consequence of a unique combination of local natural and climatic summer beach vacation conditions that are "recharged" people positive emotions during a beach vacation. The climate in Odessa, mild, moderate, best for an affordable beach vacation. Specificity is defined by its complex atmospheric processes in combination with exposure to the sea and the unique topography. Average annual relative humidity is high - 78%. The air in Odessa is perfect for a summer beach vacation, dry, soft, clean, much richer in oxygen than usual. The beach vacation season begins, usually in early June, when water temperature reaches 19-20 ° C. Sometimes, the temperature is already in May and lasts until late September. In July and August the water warms to 25 °, have a great Odessa summer beach vacation!


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