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Tourist visa to Ukraine

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COUNTRY DESCRIPTION: Ukraine continues in order to experience noticeable political and economic changes. Throughout recent years, the particular amount plus kinds of goods as well as services obtainable in Ukraine currently have improved, and in addition facilities for tourist have improved. Nonetheless, the standard of travel and also tourist services remains uneven throughout the actual nation, not to mention it may still be perplexing to locate certain of the goods and even services commonly available in the particular United States. Ukrainian is actually the particular official language with Russian being widely used in Eastern and in addition Southern Ukraine; English is definitely not generally used. Please see the actual Department of State Fact Sheeton Ukraine for more information about U.S. relations alongside Ukraine.

ENTRY / EXIT NEEDS FOR U.S. CITIZENS: A person want a valid passport to be able to enter Ukraine. Should you are generally a U.S. citizen, us do not need a tourist visa to Ukraine because long because us will be throughout Ukraine for fewer compared to 90 days in a 180-day period for tourism. We want a visa or simply valid Ukrainian residency permit for all stays longer compared to 90 days. A person cannot get a Ukrainian visa at the particular airport or perhaps at the actual border. Should you want a visa, please get it inside advance at the particular Ukrainian embassy and / or consulate. Contact information for Ukrainian embassies and also consulates outside associated with the United States typically is that you can buy on the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Matters website. 

Check your visa carefully thus that anyone understand the actual validity period. Us are responsible for understanding the rules for the actual sort of visa you may have. Occasionally U.S. residents try in order to come to Ukraine prior to their visa enables. Keep in mind, throughout Ukraine the actual date can be created day-month-year. A visa issued on 01/05/13 is actually good from Can 1, 2013, NOT from January 5, 2013. If perhaps you come with Ukraine prior to a visa permits, we can be halted at the border, not authorized to be able to enter Ukraine, not to mention needed to be able to return to be able to a point of origin at the own expense. The U.S. Embassy throughout Kyiv cannot stop this kind of from taking place. 

If you enter Ukraine without wanting a visa (meaning you can be with regard to Ukraine for fewer than 90 days within a 180-day period), you're automatically authorized at the actual edge for 90 days. Extensions of remain beyond 90 days are really rarely authorized. To be able to apply for a particular extension, talk in order to your neighborhood workplace of the Ukrainian State Department of Citizenship, Immigration, and also Registration (officially VGIFRO, yet nonetheless referred to almost universally by its aged acronym, "OVIR”) at least 3 function days before your individual initial registration expires. Even though 3 days is a minimum, it really is in your interest in order to contact OVIR earlier. The majority of cities is going to have a few OVIR offices. In the event you are generally provided a great extension, you will be permitted with remain within Ukraine until your unique registration expires; but, in the event you leave Ukraine, you may have to wait 180 days to return without having a visa. In the event you never receive a particular extension, a person must leave the nation not to mention can not come back till 180 days soon after a initial entry into Ukraine. 

When you enter Ukraine on a long-term ("D”) visa, you need to apply with OVIR for a residency permit in 45 days from your entry date. When you currently have the particular residency permit anyone can reside with regard to Ukraine for because long because it remains valid. With enter and exit the actual country, you will want your own un-expired residency allow and also a valid passport. For more details about Ukrainian visas and registration procedures, please contact the nearest Embassy of Ukraine and / or consulate abroad, or the particular nearest OVIR office inside Ukraine. 

When you are really going to see Russia from Ukraine, remember you will additionally will need a Russian visa. The actual Consular Section of the Russian Embassy in Ukraine typically is located at Prospekt Kutuzova 8, tel.: (380-44) 284-6816, fax 284-7936, or simply at For more details, review Nation Certain Info for the particular Russian Federation. Please note which it currently takes at minimum couple weeks for U.S. residents in order to get Russian visas within Kyiv. The actual U.S. Embassy can not intervene with expedite Russian visa issuance. 

Ukrainian law demands visitors with have valid wellness insurance coverage. More info on medical insurance typically is below. 
Go to the Embassy of Ukraine’s site for the particular latest visa information and facts. Moreover, see the particular Ukrainian Ministry of Unknown Matters url. 

The U.S. Department of State is actually not aware of any restrictions for people alongside HIV/AIDS exploring Ukraine on a temporary basis. Though, you alongside HIV/AIDS or simply tuberculosis can not get permanent residency with regard to Ukraine. There usually are no waivers or perhaps exceptions to the guideline. 

Information regarding double nationality and also prevention of international child abduction is found about the web page. Details about customs rules is found about the Customs Info sheet and found on the Ukrainian State Customs Service website.

THREATS In Order To PROTECTION Plus SECURITY: For the the majority of piece, Ukraine is actually a secure country to be able to visit, alongside little anti-U.S. sentiment. Large demonstrations sometimes occur inside the bigger cities, including Kyiv, plus are sponsored by political companies. Most protests happen to be peaceful however you need to avoid them in case at every one of the possible. Actually demonstrations which tend to be meant in order to be peaceful could become violent and unstable. Be alert and aware of the surroundings and pay attention with what the particular local share Legal News news report. In the event that Embassy obtains information regarding a planned protest before time, an announcement might be posted found on the Embassy website. 

A few bombings targeting public regions have occurred with regard to Ukraine within the previous year and in addition brought about damage or perhaps injury. Whilst the particular bombings throughout Ukraine usually are definitely not associated in order to terrorism and have definitely not targeted U.S. residents, the Embassy reiterates the particular necessity to be able to maintain very high level of vigilance and also to take appropriate steps in order to strengthen your individual security awareness. 
Remain about date: 

Take a bunch of time before travel to be able to improve your individual personal protection -elements happen to be not the same everywhere as they are really inside the United States. Here are several helpful tricks for traveling securely abroad.

CRIME: Street crime remains a severe problem with regard to Ukraine. The actual country continues in order to undergo substantial financial, political, and social transformation, as well as income variations have grown accordingly. Because a happen, us and even other international visitors can be perceived as wealthy plus become easy targets for crooks. United States citizens often stand out inside Ukraine, plus are therefore more probably to be targeted compared to with regard to Western European countries, in which incomes tend to be higher not to mention U.S. citizens may blend in greater. The authorities happen to be improperly paid, motivated, trained, plus prepared, and are generally considered with be one of several most corrupt companies in Ukraine. Ukrainian authorities and even emergency services stay generally below Western European plus U.S. specifications within terms of practice, responsiveness, not to mention potency. Ukrainian law enforcement not to mention emergency officials seldom speak English and even interpreters are really not commonly available. 

Most street crimes reported to the actual Embassy are non-violent not to mention non-confrontational, plus range from numerous tricks with easy pick-pocketing, purse-snatching, and even theft of individual goods from parked cars. Many of these offences occur in downtown Kyiv or about the public transport system, which includes the actual subway (metro). Muggings, armed robberies, harassment, and / or the particular drugging of unsuspecting victims at nightspots and even pubs (where they are then robbed) have been reported, nevertheless less frequently. Cases of assaults throughout apartment building corridors, elevators, and even stairwells, in addition to armed break-ins not to mention crimes involving small-caliber firearms currently have moreover been reported, yet happen to be rare; many criminals never carry guns, nevertheless could currently have other weapons. When violent assaults do occur, they normally include punches as well as kicks, alongside a particular occasional bottle or alternatively similar item employed as a club. 

A commonly reported scam throughout Kyiv is the actual "wallet scam,” which involves an individual dropping a wallet or simply a packet of funds near you. Soon after you pick up the actual wallet/packet and attempt to be able to give it back in order to the particular individual who dropped it, the con artist claims that the actual wallet can be lost income as well as accuses anyone of stealing it. The particular individual either threatens with call the particular police in the event you don’t pay or alternatively asks us to be able to demonstrate a wallet to be able to confirm that a person didn't take any kind of money. Whenever us show the wallet, the particular thief grabs your income plus flees. A quite common variant involves a 2nd individual whom intercedes not to mention claims in order to be an authorities officer, frequently flashing a badge. The particular 2nd person in addition asks to be able to see your own wallet, grabbing the cash not to mention fleeing or perhaps, from sleight of hand, stealing your individual income. Several variants exist: 2 wallets; 3 or more thieves; etc. All variants involve the actual victim selecting up some thing not to mention returning it in order to the individual who dropped it. 
U.S. citizens have reported being robbed by individuals posing as police officers. Authorities officers inside Ukraine, including plain dresses officers, regularly stop persons about the street with check identity documents as well as U.S. citizens happen to be needed to carry their passports and even make them on request. Yet, should you currently have doubts regarding the particular legitimacy of the authorities officer, we can ask in order to see their photo ID. 

Whilst many tourist never encounter issues with crime inside Ukraine, right now there have been detest offences directed at ethnic as well as religious minorities, as well as members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and also transgender communities (please see more about LGBT issues below Specialized Circumstances section). Countless of these reports are generally perpetrated by "skinheads” or neo-Nazis as well as have been reported throughout the actual country. Within Kyiv, these reports currently have occurred without having provocation inside prominent downtown areas commonly frequented by travelers. Most persons targeted have been of Asian, African, and / or other non-European descent. Racial minorities might equally be case to be able to various kinds of harassment, like being stopped found on the street by both civilians not to mention law enforcement officials. People belonging in order to religious minorities have been harassed as well as assaulted in Kyiv not to mention throughout Ukraine. The particular police and also government’s slow reaction to detest crimes typically is a serious and even continuing concern. Although senior Government of Ukraine officials have publicly deplored these hate offences plus groups behind them, Ukrainian street-level law enforcement officials usually are either unwilling or simply cannot deter detest offences effectively. The U.S. Embassy has received many credible reports from victims of violent hate crimes stating which uniformed police officers observed the actual assaults as well as did nothing with avoid the attacks, to aid the victims afterward, and / or to be able to investigate plus apprehend the particular attackers. The actual Government of Ukraine has established special law enforcement units in order to avoid and even investigate hate crimes; despite these efforts, issues with this particular sort of crime continue in order to exist. 
The particular general disinterest shown by Ukrainian law enforcement with regard to responding to or perhaps researching offences against U.S. citizens inside an amount of instances can be a result for concern. Throughout specific, Ukrainian law differs alongside regard to sexual attack and also rape, and also Ukrainian law enforcement officers commonly treat such cases with less seriousness and even professionalism than their U.S. counterparts. In case you become a target of rape or perhaps intimate attack, you should expect small assistance from Ukrainian law enforcement. You recommend a person contact the U.S. Embassy to help discover health care, and also to help us know the neighborhood criminal justice task. 

The U.S. Embassy additionally hears from people whom have had big amounts of money stolen by Internet contacts they thought had been their pals, loved ones, or alternatively romantic interests. Many of these Web frauds include lotteries, online dating or simply introduction services, and additionally requests from a "friend” inside trouble. With regard to many situations, scammers troll the actual Web for victims and in addition invest weeks or simply months building a relationship not to mention credibility. When they have attained their victim s trust, they create a false circumstances and even ask for income. As soon as income has been transmitted, right now there typically is upcoming in order to no chance it is recovered. 

With regard to certain, dating/marriage scams are generally frequent. The actual Embassy regularly receives complaints from U.S. citizens about frauds involving marriage as well as dating services. Inside many cases, U.S. citizens currently have sent income up to a individual or perhaps agency inside Ukraine with all the understanding which either a young female can see the United States, or simply the actual U.S. citizen usually check out her throughout Ukraine. Frequently, many of these frauds lead to requests for increasing amounts of cash for many reasons, such as requests in order to aid with faked emergency conditions (such as unexpected ticket or simply visa fees, serious illness, or family members in trouble). When the actual U.S. citizen becomes suspicious, the actual individual or alternatively agency usually cut off contact. Numerous of these scams currently have existed for lots of years utilizing a range of different identities, agency names, and in addition addresses. Within addition, several U.S. citizens exploring their "friend” or perhaps "fiancй” with regard to Ukraine currently have been extorted out of thousands of $, plus throughout a bunch of cases have been really assaulted. Numerous U.S. residents have equally lost cash to agencies as well as individuals who advertised to be able to have the ability to be able to arrange a student or simply fiancй visas in order to the actual United States. We all urge anyone to be able to read the actual document entitled " Wedding Brokers ” about our very own webpage for extra info. 

Credit card not to mention ATM scam happen to be wide-spread. Ukraine generally operates as a cash economy, plus money tricks tend to be prevalent. Even though credit card and ATM use amidst Ukrainians typically is increasing, the particular Embassy strongly suggests which we exercise caution and use credit cards only at reputable businesses. You really need to avoid using ATMs found on the street and / or throughout public places when quite possible. Machines placed inside bank branches are safer.  

Burglaries of apartments plus cars represent a normal threat to be able to long-term residents. Although very few cars usually are really stolen, primarily due to improved use of alarm systems not to mention protection wheel locks, vehicular break-ins, not to mention vehicular vandalism usually are frequent. 

Do not wire cash to Ukraine except if the particular recipient typically is well-known to we and also the cause of company is actually clear. United States residents have reported moving funds in order to Ukraine to pay for goods bought from residents of Ukraine via on the net auction sites, but never obtaining the particular goods with regard to return. The actual Embassy has received reports of harassment and intimidation directed against foreign businesspersons and in addition interests. Reported incidents include: 
Bodily threats (perhaps inspired by rival commercial interests linked in order to organized crime);
Neighborhood government entities engaging throughout such practices because arbitrary termination or alternatively amendment of business licenses, or simply dilution of corporate stock with diminish U.S. trader interest;
Delays of payment or simply delivery of goods; plus
Arbitrary "inspections” by tax, safety or perhaps additional officials that appear designed to be able to harm the business. U.S. company entities are encouraged with read the actual most recent Overseas Protection Advisory Council (OSAC) Annual Crime and in addition 

Don’t buy counterfeit as well as pirated goods, whether or not they tend to be widely accessible. Not merely are really the particular bootlegs illegal to be able to bring into the United States, in the event you buy them we may in addition be breaking localized law.

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