Talent Comes to Kyiv
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Talent Comes to Kyiv

26 Nov 2012 3:40 PM
Billy Talent (Canada, punk-rock), Stereo Plaza (Kikvidze 1)
This Canadian punk-rock quartet was formed in 1993. Now, 19 years later, they’re about to debut in Ukraine. Releasing their first two albums in Canada, both of which went multi-platinum, their fifth and most recent was launched this September, and has plunged the group on a UK tour, which somehow includes Ukraine!

Lead singer of the band Benjamin Kowalewicz was pleased to speak to us before flying off to Kyiv, starting our dialogue with: "I’m ready to rock’n’roll!”

You numbered your first three albums, like Led Zeppelin, as opposed to naming them. Is there any connection? 
No, we did it just from laziness (laughs). Seriously, we just felt that it was the right way to do it.

Tell us about your recent album Dead Silence. 
I’m really proud of this album. It’s the best thing we’ve ever done together – sonically we’ve produced the best sound and the best songs we’ve ever written. 

And the idea? 
I don’t think there’s any particular idea, you just work on songs and one song leads to the next and so on. And when you’re finally done, you’ve create this entity, this vibe that has never existed before.

If you were to pick one of your songs that best depicts you as a band, what would it be? 
Uh, that’s a hard one. I think on this record it’s probably Running Across the Track. I think it just show the best of all of us. 

What’s one funny thing your fans don’t know about you? 
I love to cook! Anything! At the moment it’s chicken with couscous.

What are your thoughts on your upcoming show in Ukraine? 
We’ve been trying to get here for quite a while, so yes, we are super excited to learn about the country, the people and their customs. 

Tickets are 240 – 400hrv. For more information call 222-8040.

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