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Kharkiv Theatre

Theatre 19

Theatre 19
Krasina St, 3, Kharkiv, Kharkivs'ka oblast, 61002
Phone: 3 8057 762-66-10, 3 8050 632-03-64

Theatre 19 is the audience theater. Not in the sense that it comes in the wake of demands and needs of the audience. It wants to be interesting, useful and necessary to the viewer. The alternative of "THEATRE 19" with respect to many traditional theaters is not shocking and surprise "new forms". The form of "THEATRE 19" is quite traditional and is positioned as a theater actor's personality, in which direction aims to create a bright and interesting cast. The theater has repeatedly been at festival tours in different cities of Ukraine and abroad. Theatre 19 is the winner of many theater festivals and competitions.


Darvina St, 9, Kharkiv, Kharkivs'ka oblast, 61000
Phone: 0637209048, 0995233555

Why people go to the theater? To the P.S. Theatre in particular? Maybe they feel the need to to stay face to face with themselves at least somewhere? Or want when in the dark auditorium nobody sees to crawl out of his mask slowly and try on someone's part? You won’t hear the answer. I think this theater does not set out to provide some answers. And none of its plays ends with point. The play, of course, has delivered the final point of the director. But after it remains something elusive. Feeling of some trace. Aftereffect. Afterword. "P.S."

Kharkiv State Academic Drama Theatre them. Shevchenko

Sums'ka St, 9, Kharkiv, Kharkivs'ka oblast, 61057
Phone: (380 57) 705-13-67, (380 57) 705-13-66

Kharkiv State Academic Drama Theatre them. Shevchenko is one of the oldest theaters in Ukraine. Its life was always full of bright creative research. The founder of the theater is the reformer of Ukrainian scene Kurbas. He gave the theatre a poetic name for the first month of spring in the old Ukrainian calendar - "Berezil". It was a strong experimental group, which shone with talents. Foundation Day of the Theatre is March 31, 1922, the city - Kyiv. The first performance of "Berezil" was made on November 7 that year, and was created by the text of the creative staging team. Early in 1926 the People's Commissariat of Education of Ukraine decided to translate "Berezil" as the best theater to Kharkov, the capital of the republic. It was about the theater "Berezil," though full name of L. Kurbas’ creation was Artistic Association "Berezil." Each workshop besides the permanent repertoire had its special task, performing a search in various areas of theater.

Kharkiv Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy

Kharkiv Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy
Karl Marks Street, 32, Kharkiv, 61052, Ukraine
Phone: +38 (057) 712-40-50

The atmosphere of Moulin Rouge and Broadway - right in the center of Kharkiv. Irresistible and charming shows – dance and music, beauty and humors, modern and classic.  Come with your friends to see "Silva” or "My Beautiful Lady”. Or come with your children to see "Bamby” or "Beauty and the Beast”. There are more than 50 plays written exclusively for Kharkiv Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy. And you will also enjoy them for the unique style of Ukrainian national music culture.


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