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Odessa Restaurants


Malaya Arnautskaya ulitsa, 46, Odessa, Odes’ka oblast, Ukraine
Phone: +38 (0482) 344 644, 347 311

Odessa restaurant Rozmarin is a restaurant of this Jewish cuisine. You can eat there, spend free time, bring your favorite treats and not to worry, because everything is cooked properly. Grandma's recipes have found a new reading. Jewish cuisine is rich with dishes of unique tastl. It combines the traditions from around the world: gold bullions, stuffed fish and sauces that accentuate the flavor of each product. Ashkenazi tradition from Germany, France, the Czech Republic and Poland, vegetable salads, cooked in olive oil, oriental spices, gourmet lamb, Sephardi tradition of Spain, Morocco and Turkey. In this case, Jewish food is unchanged today, as in ancient times. This consistency is maintained by dietary tradition that requires not only well-defined products, but also cooking methods: the prohibition to mix meat and milk.


Mayachnyy pereulok, 13, Odessa, Odes’ka oblast, Ukraine
Phone: +38 (048) 771-81-10

Odessa restaurant Katran is located on the shore of the Black Sea. It is known among the guests for excellent culinary offerings. Ukraine restaurant menu includes over 400 dishes, but the greatest pleasure create traditional specialties based on fish and seafood. Summer restaurant has an open deck on board the frigate "Katran" and two open areas with the unforgettable aroma and inhale the sea. The restaurant has two private rooms. One room has a fireplace - here in bad weather you can spend a wonderful evening with the sounds of crackling logs, looking out the window at the seething sea. This room can seat 30-35 people. The second room can take 40-45 people. It also gives a possibility to admire the sea views ... For fans of private meetings there are three VIP rooms, where for a small rental fee you will not be disturbed.


Balkovskaya ulitsa, 28, Odessa, Odes’ka oblast, Ukraine
Phone: +38 (048) 728-06-96

Chef of Odessa restaurant Versailles "Versailles" caters for all tastes. The main focus is on European, Ukrainian and Odessa cuisine. You will appreciate the hot, juicy meat with barbecue, with roasted vegetables. Surprise your friends and family with a feasts scale. Ukraine restaurant "Versailles" has prepared for you a special menu "to take away" with 10% discount. Do not force yourself to think about the business! The eternal question of where and what to eat, entrust it to us! ... Enjoy your meal! Banquet hall of "Versailles" is the perfect place for solitary meetings couples, business conversations. Here you can celebrate your birthday, wedding, anniversary, children's party, a meeting of old friends. In this case, the table will always beUkrainian generous, and the chef will be taking into account your wishes while creating a personalized menu for any celebration.


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