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The Terracotta Restaurant
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Kiev Restaurant The Terracotta Restaurant

The Terracotta RestaurantKiev, Premier Palace Hotel, 8th floor,
bul. Shevchenka/vul. Pushkinska 5-7/29,
Phone: +38 (044) 244-12-12

«The new color of taste» is what we call our new restaurant, the Terracotta. The Premier Palace’s exquisite new restaurant offers first-class Mediterranean cuisine. The name Terracotta has Italian roots, terra meaning earth or clay and cotta meaning fired. The Mediterranean coast covers more than 2,000 kilometers and dozens different nations with unique traditions of culinary art. Yet, even though there are some basic elements of cooking that are universal, such as using olive oil, greens and garlic, Mediterranean cuisine has an enormous amount of variety. Pottery of terracotta is found among absolutely all the peoples living in the Mediterranean basin and is a specific symbol of the region. Our Terracotta combines coastal cuisines with a new range of flavors.
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