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Kharkov Museums

Kharkov City Art Gallery

Str. Chernishevskogo, 15, Kharkov, Kharkov oblast’, Ukraine, 61057
Phone: 057 706-16-20

Kharkov City Art Gallery is one of the first Ukraine museums with municipal status. It was founded in 1996 and belongs to the Association of Contemporary Art of Ukraine. The main objective of the Gallery is promotion of Modern Art, especially works by artists of Kharkov museums. The main range of authors includes gallery of famous artists of Kharkov, the leading masters of contemporary Ukrainian art. There are more than 400 gallery exhibitions items. In addition to exhibitions the gallery hosted more than 200 cultural events.

National Literary-Memorial Museum of H.S. Skovoroda

National Literary-Memorial Museum of H.S. Skovoroda
3 Priozerna Str., Kharkov, Kharkov oblast’, Ukraine, 62241
Phone: (057) 649-41-40, 050 702 86 39

Kharkov museums devoted to Grigoriy Skovoroda, the founder of Ukrainian philosophy, poet, teacher, educator of Ukraine "foolish and wise» XVIII century, the first Ukrainian fabulist, and more - musician, singer, composer and people’s wise man. His earthly path ended here, at the estate of landlords Kovaliski November 9, 1794. On the territory of the museum park there are favorite places of the poet (700-year-old oak, a well), the tomb of the philosopher, the monument of Skovoroda. The house, built in XVIII century as a garden pavilion and used as house for guests and parties.

Kharkiv Art Museum

11 Radnarkomiska St., Kharkov, Kharkov oblast’, Ukraine, 61002
Phone: (057) 706-33-94, 706-33-95

This is one of must see Ukraine museums while your family vacation travel to Kharkov. Read this travel article of Ukraine Vacation Guide to find out about history of this museum, its collection and exhibitions. But you must visit Kharkov museums to get aquainted with masterpieces represented in the Museum. Just several interesting facts. The section of decorative art includes original items of eastern European porcelain and bronze sculpture, the Ukrainian folk pottery, carpets, embroidery, carving and decorative painting.

Museum of history women's and gender motion

 Museum of history women's and gender motionKharkov, Ukraine
Phone: +38-050-403-13-25

The main purposes of such Kharkov museums is gender education, establishing of cultural ties between Ukraine and other countries, consolidation of the women's movement and drawing attention to women's and gender issues of the journalist community and the general public. The main task of the Kharkov museum is collecting artifacts that demonstrate the process of gender construction, show that gender issues are not just women's issues, that despite all the positive changes in society, women and men continue to suffer from gender discrimination that women and gender movement in Ukraine and in the world is not an episodic phenomenon, but natural and logical process continues a lot of centuries.


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