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Kiev Fast Food

Dva Gusya Fast Food Chain in Kiev

32B, Esplanadna St., Kiev, Ukraine, 01001
PHONE: (044) 374 0305, 

The Dva Gusya Kiev fast food is one of the priority business directions of OMEX Corporation. The first brand restaurant was opened in 1998. Now there are thirteen restaurants working in Kyiv, Donetsk, Rivne, Khmelnytsky. It employs about 600 people. Several more restaurants are planned to be opened soon in Ukraine. Our restaurants offer nice and comfortable atmosphere and wide variety of courses.  Good mood and positive emotions of our client is what we are striving for.

Vesuvio Pizza Fast Food in Kiev

Kiev, Reitarska Str. 25
Phone: (044) 278-3028

In this Kiev fast food you may select from over 25 different pizzas, plus salads, pastas and desserts. Delivery available. English speaking service. 

Puzata Hata Fast Food in Kiev

Kiev, 24 Sahaidachnoho St.
Phone: (044) 391-4699 

Kiev fast food Puzata Hata’s brand concept is very smart and original: cozy locations with unique interior designs, impressive diversified national cuisine, and reasonable prices for people who value quality. According to statistics, over 50% of Puzata Hata diners are regular customers. It could be argued that Puzata Hata has become one of the top culinary calling cards of Kiev as well as Ukraine. The proof is in the overwhelming positive feedback from foreign customers amazed by the well-thought-out design and the quality of the food. Every month the menu is complemented with tasty innovations. Puzata Hata offers over 300 dishes representing all styles of Ukrainian cuisine.

Ukushuka Online Susi Bar in Kiev

Kiev, 1 Malyshko St
Phone: (044) 223-3344

Kiev fast food UKUSHUKA is the first and only one sushi bar in Ukraine, which specializes in distant orders. We proudly carry the banner of the pioneers, and nobody can argue with us. We know what is a "code of honor" and not out of stories about samurai. We created our own code, based on its unconquerable principles: Dishes must be perfect and high quality! Japanese cuisine has to give a smile of taste and bliss! Quick orders delivery must fly faster than the wind! We are proud of our battle cry that strikes fear in competitors, and unites all lovers of Japanese cuisine. We say: "Fery niiice!", We Say and do!

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