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Universytets'ka St, 76, Donetsk, Donets'ka oblast, Ukraine, 83000
Phone: +38 (062) 381-32-02

Donetsk Bar Svoy is the first and only sport bar at this level in Donetsk. Sports atmosphere and hospitality are integral parts of the club. We have rooms for smokers and nonsmokers. At the Ukraine bar you can always expect a cozy atmosphere, delicious food, live broadcasts of sports matches of leading football clubs in Ukraine and the world, billiards, darts - and this is not the whole list of things that you can find in Svoy. Also, we have prepared sets of chess and checkers. We invite you to play in professional billiards. The club established professional tables for the game and have all the equipment for high-quality games. We also have a billiard shop. Pros will be able to buy personal supplies for billiards. More recently, we have established tables for football and hockey. We have tournaments in these sports. You can always sign up and join the team of sports bars. The main thing is your desire!


Illicha Ave, 89, Donetsk, Donets'ka oblast, Ukraine, 83000
Phone: +38 (062) 385−99−44, (050) 368−80−80

Donetsk bar x.Bar is a room of club culture revolution. If you are a connoisseur and expert in trendy club music, come to ukraine bar x.Bar, capable to accommodate up to 70 people, to communicate to like-minded people in a warm and relaxed atmosphere, listen to the latest music, discuss the news of club life. You will hear in x.Bar only quality electronic music of DJs, for which the main motivation is the idea. For clubbers who can hear the music, not just listen.


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Donetsk Bar


Shevchenka Blvd, 3, Donetsk, Donets'ka oblast, Ukraine, 83000
Phone: +38 (062) 312-54-88 (89)

Named in honor of legendary musicians, Donetsk bar Leverpool perfectly combines a truly comfortable for relaxation and conversation Ukraine bar and small stage on which artists of various musical genres play their live music. Lounge bar with numerous tables and sofas can accommodate enough visitors, and frequent promotions and theme nights with free or prepared after special recipes drinks bring a variety of serious music in the vibrant daily life of Liverpool. You can hear cult foreign and Ukrainian musicians and groups of different genres boundaries. You can hear there electronic music and modern jazz, not to mention the most unusual rock experiments. Schedule of performances is very rich, so finding the right team does not make much effort to even the most fastidious audiophiles. Special atmosphere is created by an arcuate table surrounding the scene, whereby the distance between the performer and the listener is dramatically reduced.


Shevchenka Blvd, 3, Donetsk, Donets'ka oblast, Ukraine, 83000
Phone: +38 (062) 345 09 98

Donetsk bar Gung'Ю'bazz is grouping of assorted freaks, which, notwithstanding stuffy smoke-filled room, profanity and too loud music, yet bursting to the facility with surprising tenacity where for funny drinking, or thoughtful talk on the universe topic with marginalized people  the same as they are.  And ... all this mess they call Ukraine bar.

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