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Weather in Ukraine


17 Mar 2011 2:59 PM
Crimea is one of the best resorts in Ukraine and worldwide. Since ancient times, the Crimean land is famous for its healing power. Crimean Black Sea coast and wonderful climate creates unique conditions for the restoration of health and recreation. Those who once visited Crimea, take away a mass of vivid impressions. 

The Crimean peninsula is located on the northern coast of the Black Sea in Ukraine. The total area of Crimea is 27 thousand square kilometers. The entire resort is divided into four regions - Eastern, Western, Southern coast of Crimea and Central. 

Almost all major towns and cities of the Crimea are connected by public transportation. So your stay in Crimea can be diversified by travels to neighboring areas. 

Vacation in Crimea is incomparable with any other holiday, because only here you can admire the enchanting beauty of its rich flora and verses created this wonderful land - tender sea and the mighty Crimean mountains. 

Today vacation in the Crimea offers great opportunities for tourists - from the summer improvement to skiing in the winter. Tours to Crimea, which combine vacation and recreation, as well as summer holidays are very popular. If you're going on vacation to Crimea you will need the following information.

Climate of Crimea

All areas are characterized by their inherent climatic conditions. In the central and western parts of the climate is temperate, with no hot, dry summers. The eastern part is characterized by a temperate climate. Southern Coast of Crimea differs sub-tropical climate and dry hot summers. 

Accommodation in Crimea 

There are numerous accommodation facilities on the coast of Crimea. For vacationers and tourists opened doors of different places to live, regardless of the purpose of the trip. If you want to find a cheap holiday in the Crimea, choose  mini-hotels, motels and vacation rentals. If you want more comfort  choose hotel sand holiday homes. For travelers looking to take an active holiday in the mountains of the Crimea better to choose a tourist camp. 

The price of holidays in the Crimea 

The rates on Crimean resorts depend on many factors. In general, prices in the Crimea affect: a month - the most expensive is August. The second is holiday destination (resort) and housing (housing farther from the sea are cheaper). Prices on food in the Crimea are very different. It all depends on your desires and contents of your wallet. But mostly in the Crimea works the same principle as in housing: close to the sea-expensive, further from the sea-cheaper. 

Winter vacation in Crimea 

At any time Crimea is a perfect travel destination, so if you do not like Summer weather, come to Crimea for a winter vacation. During this period, numerous motels, resorts, rest houses and hotels of Crimea offer health recreation. Winter in the Crimea is suitable for climatetherapeutics and spa procedures. In addition, the Crimea in winter turns into a small ski resort, start working the recreation center at Angarsk pass, the lower plateau Chatyrdag and Ai-Petri. You can rent skis or a sled, and you can just walk and admire the beautiful scenery, since the winter of Crimea is an extraordinary sight: the snow-capped mountains, trees, covered with fluffy snow, fresh air and vast open spaces. But the biggest benefit of winter recreation in Crimea is cheap price for everything. This is vacation to save the budget. 

Tourism in  Crimea 

The Crimean peninsula is considered to be one of the most popular places for an  active recreation. Throughout Eastern Europe there is no more popular place for tourism than Crimea. Southern Crimea is very popular among followers of hiking. Such cities of the Crimea, as Koktebel and Feodosia are suitable for cycling and hang-glidering. Sailing and diving are developed in Balaklava and Sevastopol. Another popular form of tourism in the Crimea is a rock climbing and caving. The best place for it - Ridge of Crimean Mountains. Generally, Crimea offers for travelers more than hundred of routes of varying difficulty, so that everyone will be able to pick the suitable option. 

This year Crimea again awaits for its guests. No matter what time of year you choose to come to Crimea - Summer or Winter – you will get one of the best travels in your life!

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