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23 Sep 2010 11:36 AM

Lviv is the administrative center of Lviv region, national, cultural, educational and scientific center of the country, large industrial center and transport junction. Lviv is considered to be the capital of Galicia and western Ukraine.

Lviv historyHistory of Lviv

Lviv was founded by King Danylo Romanovich in the mid 13 century. In 1272 the city became the capital of Galicia-Volyn principality. In the medieval period Lviv was an important trading center. According to Austrian rule the city became a center of Polish and Ukrainian national liberation movements. After the collapse of Austria-Hungary Lviv was the capital of West Ukrainian National Republic. Until World War II belonged to Poland, and then according to Molotov - Ribbentrop Pact city was annexed by the Soviet Union.

The historical center of the city in the list of World Heritage Sites. The city has the largest number of monuments in Ukraine. In 2009 Lviv won the first title of cultural capital of Ukraine. City periodically occupies an important place in the ratings of tourist and investment attractiveness

Lviv has many traditional epithets. A common name of "City of Lion". Occasionally used such comparisons, names and phrases like "city of lions", "sleeping lion city", "Royal City", "Pearl of the crown of Europe", "City Museum", "capital of Galicia", "little Paris", "Little Vienna", "Ukrainian Piedmont", "Bandershtadt", "cultural capital of Ukraine" and others.

Lviv Dziga galleryTourism Services in Lviv

As of January 1, 2010 in Lviv, there are 7 four star hotels, 8 three star hotels and 16 other hotels. By European Football Championship in 2012 their number will increase. «Hilton» and «Hyatt» networks are planning to open hotels in Lviv. The city also has 11 youth hostels. Lviv is famous for its cafes, candy stores and restaurant. In total there are 822 objects in the restaurant business. The most famous among them is the "Viennese coffee", "Dziga", "Italian courtyard", "Cabinet ", network facilities"! Fest ", " Kryivka", " Masoch-cafe" and others. All are united in the Guild of Lviv restaurateurs.

Cultural amusements of Lviv

In 1795 was opened in Lviv Ukraine's first professional theater. In 1842 the theater Skarbek was founded, then - the third largest in Europe, in 1900 Lviv Opera House - one of the most beautiful theaters, as seen on 20 hrivna notes. The city has seven professional theaters: opera and ballet, Ukrainian dramatic Kurbas, "Resurrection" and city for children and youth and puppet, 7 theaters-studios and the circus. The city is a major center of theatrical life - every year there are two theatrical festivals: "Golden Lion", the country's largest theater festival, and "ladder", a young amateur theater festival. Every year in October, the city starts theatrical carnival. At great feasts there are held street performances on stilts and fire show.

There are six cinemas in Lviv: "Kinopalace", "Copernicus", "Dovzhenko", "Lviv " ," Kyiv " and " Falcon ". Every year festivals are held in Lviv «Wiz-Art» (Short Film Festival) and "KinoLev" (festival of "independent cinema").

The main centers of musical life of the city is the Opera House, Concert Hall and Organ Music House, which has the largest organ in Ukraine. Concerts often take place in restaurant "Left Coast" and state circus. Every year in Ukraine there is number of music festivals: "Great Christmas carol" (Christmas), "Lviv Weathervanes" ethno-jazz " Ancient Lviv " (festival of medieval culture), "Range "(Organ Music ), "Etnovyr" (ethnic), "Contrasts" (modern classical music),  "Jazz Bez" . The city has Choir "Dudaryk, Municipal Orchestra "Galician Surma", the Municipal Choir "Homin", Chamber Orchestra "Leopolis", Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra.

Lviv Museums and Galleries

There are more than 30 museums. Among them: Lviv Historical Museum, the second largest historical museum of Ukraine, National Museum, one of the greatest treasures of Ukrainian art in Ukraine  founded by Metropolitan Sheptytskyy; Lviv Art Gallery, one of the richest museums in Ukraine, headed by renowned art critic Boris Voznytskyi, Ethnographic Museum, National Memorial "Prison on Lontskoho", Ukraine's first prison-museum, Pharmacy Museum, Arsenal, Potocki Palace and others.There are also a lot of branch museums in Lviv , such as beer museums, mail, printing, glass, religion, etc.. There are also a number of memorial buildings, museums dedicated to famous people of the city. Natural Museum owns one of the richest expositions in Eastern Europe.
Lviv has more than 20 art galleries, famous among which is "Dziga", "Green sofa", "Slyvka", "Museum of ideas" and others.Overall, the city museum funds comprise 36 500 exhibits.

Architecture of Lviv

Lviv Jura Cathedral

The architecture of the city, which is not strongly affected by the wars of 20 th century, reflects a number of European styles and trends that correspond to different epochs. After the fires in 1527 and 1556 practically no traces of the Gothic city, but well before it the following periods: Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism. The city became characterized Secession style.

The city contains more than fifty monuments: Military memorials and obelisks, monuments to national heroes and important events.

The vast majority of monuments concentrated in the historic center, which is included in the list of World Heritage Sites. To the south and east of Old Town there are elite areas built up in late 19 - early 20 century.

Lviv UniversityAmong the most significant architectural monuments of the city there are Town Hall, Market Square Ensemble, Black kamyanitsa, Kornyakta Palace, Dominican cathedral complex Assumption Church, Royal Arsenal, Powder Tower, Municipal arsenal, Bernardine monastery, Latin cathedral, St. George's Cathedral, Church of St. Elzhbeta , Railway Station, University of Ivan Franko, Opera Theatre, Mary Zankovetskoy Theatre, the Armenian Church, the Church of St. Onufriya, Church of St. Paraskeva Friday and others.

Videos of Lviv

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