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30 Sep 2011 1:47 PM
There are a lot of magnificent sunny health resorts, but if you want to have rest in quiet, calmness and economically, there is no better place than Malorechenskoe, the Crimea. Malorechenskoe is the resort, what’ll fill you with tranquility and will help you to fill in vital energy.

A piece of history

The territory of the nowadays Malorechenskoye was settled in the period of the late Stone Age. It is shown in different pieces of siliceous tools of those times which were found by archeologists. Later, from VIV to XV centuries Greek settlements were living there. That times Malorechenskoye had such name as Mikro-Potam, then it was renamed in Kuchuk-Uzen. Both names mean "small river” in the translation from Greek and Crimean Tatar languages respectively.

At the beginning of the 19th century the part of the ground in Malorechenskoye staff doctor Khrustalaky received. It was the gift from the tsar. The reason of the princely gift was Khrustalaky’s attempts to cultivate cotton and silk in the village.
Later, in 30th years of the same century the ground was bought by Knyazhevich brothers. It is common knowledge that Knyazhevich brothers took the lead in creation of the beautiful park in the center of  the village which is still present there. Then the wine-growing and wine-making started to develop high.
The dynamics of the population
Year 1805 – 106 persons (all of them were Crimean Tatars)
Year 1926 – 1428 persons (1381 Crimean Tatars, 67 Russians, 5 Ukrainians)
Year 1938 – 1355 persons
Year 1989 – 1280 persons
Year 2001 – 1251 persons

What is Malorechenskoye?

Malorechenskoe is the small health resort, which is situated in 25 km from Alushta, between Rybachye and Solnechnohorskoye. Year by year the infrastructure grows and develops. All this attracts more and more tourists to have a rest in this place. If you’re going to visit the Crimea with your child, this resort will do for you perfectly. Beautiful pebble beaches, fresh sea air, unusually caressing sea make this place unique for having rest with children. 

All beaches in Malorechenskoye are divided with breakwaters. Water in the sea is very clear, bottom is gentle. There are a lot of entertainments on the beaches; you can hire of chaise longues or umbrellas there and there are no problems with food and drinks. Also you can attend wild beach with big boulders where you can sunbathe topless and dive. 

Is it possible to have rest both well and not very expensive? It is. But it is possible only on condition that you came to Malorechenskoye. In comparison with other health resorts prices for dwelling and meals there are the most democratic. The price of heaving rest in village will depend on different factors such as season, distance from the sea and your personal preferences. If you want to have a good time with comfort you can rent private sanatoriums not far from the sea, if you are searching for cheap pastime, you can rent a room in the upper part of the village, a little bit further from the sea. Or if you are fond of rest in tent, you’ll definitely have very cheap holidays. You can have meals in café, sanatorium’s dining hall or make it by yourself. You can find a grocery store and a market in Malorechenskoye.

The infrastructure of Malorechenskoye isn’t very well-developed; there are no various entertainments (except beach ones). But there are a lot of different cafes, where you can go for dancing. Moreover you can diversify your rest with the help of various excursions through the Crimea, such as excursions to the Dolyna Privedeniy (the Velly of Ghosts), to the famous Livadiya’s and Alupca’s palace, to the medieval fortress of Sudak, to the picturesque bays and grottoes or degustation halls of the village of the Novy Svet(the New World), to the Dzhur-Dzhur waterfall.

The main places of interest

The only and unique temple-lighthouse was built in Ukraine, in the village Malorechenskoye. It is the temple-lighthouse, which was made in Nickola Chudotvorets’s glory and in those who died in expanse of water honor. This temple is staying on the cliff above the sea. There you can visit the museum, devoted to water catastrophes. Exposition is situated in semi dark premises which are similar to sunken ship. The films of the most famous catastrophes on expanse of water show there.  

On the entrance to the village, near the sea, there is a "Cheese Rock” – it is fancifully corroded by the time and the sea rock very familiar to the cheese.

Between Solnechnohorskoe and Malorechenskoye villages the rocky chaos with the grotto and islands named Tuzlukh is attracting your attention. It’s easy to see that all rocks are corroded in round-cell form. 

The main place of interest of these places is the most full-flowing faterfall of the Crimea, it’s name is Dzur-Dzur. It’s situated in the picturesque Khapkalsk’s canyon, in the valley of the river Ulu-Uzen. 

Waterfall Dzur-Dzur is concealed among mighty beech and hornbeam trees. Streams which are falling down the waterfall are breaking into separate ringing jets. Coolness, the opportunity to dive into the "bath of the youth”, backwater with the trout draw tourist's attention there. 

Not far from the waterfall, near the Heneralskoe village, the architectural monument of the XII century is. It is called the church of Ay-Andriy. Those who like travelling on foot, should attend such sights as Karaby-Yayla plateau. Magnificent view of the Malorechenskoye village is opening up out of this plateau.

You can visit Malorechenskoye even in winter!

Malorechenskoye village can receive tourists all around the year. Winter resort in Malorechenskoye is equal to the empty streets, silence and pacification. You’ll find here nothing to disturb your regular life and rest on the seashore. Moreover, prices for dwelling fall down in this period and you can rent very good residence twice or even three times cheaper than in summer. Winter rest in Malorechenskoye is the rest given by the nature.

Colourful landscapes, pure water, democratic prices are weighty arguments to go to the Malorechenskoye.

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