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20 Sep 2010 1:13 PM
OdessaOdessa is the famous resort, the largest port in Ukraine, a cultural center and just a beautiful city. This city has a rich historical past, the city gave the world talented poets, musicians and artists. Hardly anyone, not dreamed at least once in life to visit Odessa.

And it is not surprising. Regardless of the season, coming for rest to Odessa, everyone discovers something new. Winter in Odessa offers tourists the biggest attraction - the very Odessa. Old streets, museums, the famous Odessa Opera House. In summer tourists have wonderful vacations on the sea in Odessa.Odessa beach Equipped beach and infrastructure implies here wishing luxuriate under the warm rays of the sun. Often tourists come to Odessa for vacation with children. This is due to the fact that the rest in Odessa can be good and inexpensive. The cost of holidays in Odessa is much lower than in the Crimean resorts, and there are much more amusement and recreation facilities in Odessa. Here you can simply wander the streets, visit the museum, art gallery, see the monument to Duke D'Rishele, climb the Potemkin Stairs. Well, if you like extreme rest, then go to the beach - jet skis, roller coaster, parachute and many more extreme opportinities are located there. This means that a good vacation in Odessa is inevitable. Therefore, the flow of tourists coming to rest near the sea in Odessa is increasing every year.

Architecture of Odessa

Mostly Odessa architecture created in XIX-XX centuries: neoclassicism, modernism, postmodernism, constructivism. The first buildings in Odessa were built in the classical style, characterized by rationalism and the avarice of decor. The multinational composition of the population has led to the fact that the architecture of religious buildings of Byzantine-Greek influence in the planning and facade compositions of houses can be seen not only Italian and French, but the Armenian decor as well. The use of shell stone  determined from large blocks and the lack of fine detail. In order to protect from the scorching summer heat, are widely used porticos, loggias, covered galleries. Even the market square, like the ancient Greek agora, framed in the contour of galleries. In 1820-1830-s. Odessa observed the full flowering of the Empire style, reflecting the economic upturn of the city and its growing political role.

Odessa Attractions

In Odessa, there are famous Potemkin Stairs, which has now 192 steps.  Prince Mikhail Semenovich Vorontsov gave a ladder that cost him 800 thousand rubles to his wife Elisabeth Vorontsova. In Soviet times, the ladder was renamed to commemorate the uprising on the battleship "Prince Potemkin Tauride" in 1905 (before the revolution called jumbo (other sources - Richelieu, since its inception is a monument to Duke de Richelieu).

The construction of this truly gigantic ladder was started in 1837 and completed in 1841. The author of the project was the architect FK Boffo, who carefully developed proportions of buildings, characterized by several optical effects.

Walking up the Potemkin steps, you can get on the Promenade. Hence, clearly visible view port. All along the boulevard stretching beautiful architectural ensembles, but here, near one of the most beautiful buildings in Odessa, the City Council, stands a monument to the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

Primorsky Boulevard and the boulevard M. Zhvanetsky (formerly Boulevard Arts and Komsomol ) connects the pedestrian bridge, which was erected over the military descent in 1968 by architect and engineer Vladimir Kiriyenko. This is the youngest of the Odessa Bridges, better known in a town called "Teschin Bridge.

An extensive array occupies a central park of culture and rest. Taras Shevchenko, a former Alexander Park. They erected a monument to the Unknown Sailor. Ever-burning fire at its base reminds people about the great feat of the defenders of Odessa.

Odessa DeribasovskayaNot less attraction is the main street of the city Deribasovskaya, so named in honor of city founder Joseph Deribas, and the adjacent area of Greek. Currently, most of the streets and squares are pedestrian and, together with the adjacent town park, is one of the favorite places for leisure and city residents and visitors. Also, City Garden has traditionally been a place of exhibition and sale of paintings by artists from Odessa. Now this role fulfills Cathedral Square.

At the same time every tourist faces the question of housing. Odessa will offer you many options: from luxury apartments with luxurious furnishings to inexpensive standard class rooms with minimal conditions, as well as economical mini hotels and hostels - youth shelter.

Book hotel in Odessa beforehand, this website allows to do it. So you can be sure that you do not have to run around town in search of shelter, and spend the time to explore the Black Sea pearl.

In addition, on our website, you can choose any hotel in any city of th world, airflights and cars. Architecture of Odessa.

Odessa Video

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1 Karen   (07 Jun 2012 1:24 PM)
Hello Antiques and friends. I just had this post from Denny come thurogh and yes, I'm in Odessa but am planning to work in Ft Myers next month then return to Odessa to continue what I've started here.What I've started is this: I have more than 50 kids ages 6-17 practicing and playing baseball for the first time since the break up of the Soviet Union. The field you see in the video has been improved, all by shovel and rake, and the grass cut with a weedeater, but it is still a far cry from acceptable. This month, I intend to bring in a grader to finish the leveling and get it ready for seed.I remember the first Roy Hobbs World Series back in 1989 when Lanny Ropke, after reading an article about baseball in the USSR suggested I try to contact someone in Moscow about inviting the Mendeleyev Red Devils to the event. Through the US Embassy there, I was able to get in touch with them and with money from Joe Bendy of Chicago, a budding documentary film maker, we brought them to Boardwalk and Baseball. The weren't official entrants due to the fact that most were under 30 but we had some really good exhibition games set up for them to play.So fast forward to 2011 and having had a perfect storm come my way, that being my acquiring the ability to speak Russian, a pulmonary embolism in July 2010, and starting to receive Social Security (oh, and another divorce), I decided to plant and grow baseball in this seaside city of over a million people. Do friend me on Facebook so I can add you to the group baseball for Ukraine which is a closed group to keep some of the kids who have internet from spying on my thoughts that I post there.BTW, do any of you know Andy Weissmann? He's been in Kiev off and on for the past several years and also built a field and coaches kids. I only this week started chatting with him on fb. He has a bat company here making bats from Ukrainian beechwood. I haven't tried them. He calls his company YaYa bats. Not sure how he arrived at the name, which means I, I. I guess he likes the idea of the logo which in Russian is those double backwards R s. Anyway, the reason I ask is that Andy is from the Bay Area. I'm toying with making Odessa a wood bat league at all ages.This Youtube video was actually repeatedly broadcast on the local TV stations. The narration is in Ukrainian but the interviews are in Russian just to confuse you all.To those who are going, good luck in Woodland. I would love to be there with you and see my old pals, but it seems I'm needed here more than at any other time or place. Most of this kids have no fathers or have fathers who are drunks. The other day I overhead a new kid asking another, Is that a REAL American? It gave me goosebumps for my country. Don't let anyone tell you Americans are hated and despised around the world. It's absolute nonsense. We have Peace Corp volunteers and missionaries all over this world who selflessly serve and at the same time build America's image. There are missionaries here of all denominations serving the spiritual needs of a culture starved and corrupted for 70 years by state socialism.I realize this is getting long, so I'll stop here and just hope you'll all go to my facebook page.Best in Baseball,Ron Monks

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