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Donetsk Ukraine

Added by admin to Euro 2012 05 Mar 2012 5:06 PM

 Donetsk  Ukraine is considered to be an industrial giant and populous city. This is true, and despite this, Donetsk is very beautiful and green city.

Wide streets, spacious squares, cozy boulevards, green parks and gardens decorate Donetsk  Ukraine. Locals are very fond of their city and do all their best to make it beautiful. Vacation in Donetsk is varied due to the extensive infrastructure of leisure and entertainment for every taste. Excursions in Donetsk will help to look at the city in new ways. Here you can see different spots like Palm of Mertsalov (man-made wonder, the symbol of the city), nightclubscafes, pubs, hotels, museums, theatres, numerous monuments, holy places, and much more.

It is difficult to define the date of the founding the city of Donetsk, some people believe that it is 1869.  In present-day Donetsk  Ukraine existed old settlements Alexandrovka Alekseevka, Grigorievka, Semenovka, Avdotevo and Ovechiy khutor. The first mine appeared in Aleksandrovka only in 1841. In 1866, Prince Kochubey received permission to build here a plant for the manufacture of iron rails made of local materials. Three years later he sold this rights to Briton John Hughes (famous technology-metallurgist). And in the summer of 1869 he settled here and built a forge by the river Kalmius. Near the construction site a settlement was originated, which merged with the village near the Alexander mine. The new settlement became known as Yuzivka. This is considered to be appearance of Donetsk. Soon iron was produced there, and after some time the plant became the largest steel plant in Russian Empire. In 1924 Yuzivka was renamed to Stalino, and then in 1961 it got a name Donetsk.

To see in Donetsk

From the railway station (here is also a bus and taxi station) is a large street, which is called the street of Artema. Start your journey there. At the Miner's Square, which crosses the street of Artema, a monument  "Glory of the mining work". It was designed for the arrival of Khrushchev, who had not arrived, and then the statue became a symbol of Donetsk. Many of the postcards show this monument. Incongruous things are combined in Donetsk  Ukraine. Huge Soviet legacy. Monument to Artyom, a revolutionary and a close friend of Stalin and the Kirov. At the same street in front of the city administration, is a copy of the Moscow Tsar  Gun. People of Kiev gave a statue of the Archangel Michael (opposite the new Holy Transfiguration Cathedral in Cathedral Square).
Behind the city hall located Forged Sculpture Park. By the way, this place is really worth to visit and do not forget to take a camera. It is very unusual. Park all the time filled with new works. Your child might like Glade Fairy Tales, which is located beside. Tales Glade hostss fantastic wooden sculptures of heroes, carved out of linden and hornbeam.

Also worth a visit in Donetsk

• All Saints Church
• St. Barbara Church and the adjacent park,
• The new Donetsk Planetarium is a true star theater where used modern digital equipment and laser projectors with unique light effects. Here you can look at the stars at arm's length, race around the Milky Way and in just a few seconds, be anywhere in our galaxy.
Pushkin Boulevard. Today, in the "Little Switzerland" (foreign visitors gave this name to the Boulevard), the works of photographers, souvenirs and "assembly" of some of the most delicious restaurants. Particular attention should be paid to the monuments, which embody the life of Donetsk metropolis - the monument to Pushkin, "Palm Mertsalova" and even "Walk of Stars"! Stars - for the money, from 10 to 5000 hryvnia. Remaining 300 places! From there, you take away with a piece of Donetsk  Ukraine and a good, carefree mood.
Dolphinarium. Now Donbass boasts the Black Sea dolphins, South American fur seals and sea lion cub. Visit to the dolphin is a charge of positive energy.
Children's Railway. Since 1972 children of 8-15 years get acquainted there with the knowledge about railway (in summer). The road is as close to the original lines, everything is present only in a reduced form. It is located in the park  them. Lenin Komsomol. And in your 50 you can feel like a teenager, swept across the Donetsk with the breeze.
Botanic Garden is a National Trust of Ukraine. On its territory there are about 5500 species of plants, 97 of which are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. Surrounded by seven ponds, the garden is open to the public from May to November.
• Elite Club of intellectual and psychological game "Mafia". Meetings are held on the Lenin Avenue 21, every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, as soon as dusk falls over the city (or 18.00 on Kiev time). After all, everyone knows that Donetsk  Ukraine is the city mafia :)

Donetsk EURO 2012 promo video

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1 Raashid   (06 Jun 2012 6:21 PM)
Apologies! this is completely ieaelrvrnt to your post, but neither BBC Sport nor the English FA seem to be open for this topic at present. Namely, the unwise decisions by the FA and Mr.Capello to choose the England team Euro 2012 base before the draw was made; and secondly to make knee-jerk comments sticking to the decision once the draw was made. Local knowledge shudders at the prospect of 950-mile each way Krakow-Donetsk trips, even by air, and Krakow-Kiev not much better also with the Schengen border to cross each time. lease could we have a blog on this topic, with views passed on to the FA and the UK media.

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