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This article about top 5 cheap vacation destinations of Ukraine tells about attractions of Kiev, Kharkiv and Dnepropetrovsk as well ass Crimean botanical garden. But you should know that Ukraine is full of wonders and there are lots of perfect places to go besides popular travel destinations. Those who come to the capital of Ukrainian territory are surprised by the number of sites of historical profile that still remain (such as the old bridge over the Dnieper River, the impressive Saint Sophia Cathedral, the Golden Gate and called Monastery Kiev Caves, etc.), the international festivals that take place throughout the year, landscapes and existing alternatives in leisure. Moreover, thanks to its strong infrastructure in terms of public transport, the city offers travelers the possibility to move through the subway, trolleybuses, taxis, marshruts (small capacity cars) and trams, using the services of major airports close or to make a sightseeing boat.

The spring has finally comed to Ukraine, and after months of snowfalls and rains the weather outside finally became warm and sunny. This means that you have to decide  to go where you have not been before. Ukraine Vacation Guide have chosen for you 7 destinations to visit in Ukraine during this spring, so this list may help you to recall some cheap vacation destinations where you wanted to go. Chernictsi, Uzhgorod, Ternopil and Sofievka are perfect places to feel Ukrainian spring. Do not forget about Crimea! There are many small towns and not so famous places that must be visited in Ukraine this spring. Not far from Ternopil you can visit Zbarzhj, Krements, Pochaiv. There are also Kamenetz-Podolsk, Hotyn, Bakota. Tarakaniv fort and tunnel of lovers near Rivne, Lutsk castle. These are wonderful destinations and spring is the right time to visit them.

KorostenUkraine Vacation Guide invites you to Korosten, one of the best Ukrainian cheap vacation destinations. Korosten is rich in historical places. The most famous between tourists is Park named after Ostrovsky. This is groomed recreation area on the slope of granite rock. The Monument of Prince Mal located on the right side of the Oh. Mal depicted as a warrior in ancient armor, which relies on a heavy sword. Picturesque location for the sculpture was chosen not accidentally. Here the troops of Prince Mal rebelled against the intolerable exaction of Kiev Prince Igor in 945 and Igor was executed after the trial. Korosten knows what else can impress the tourists. Today city   is wonderful corner of Ukrainian Polesya in Zhytomyr region.  Actually, Korosten is an exciting city. 

RivneLook for cheap vacation destinations? Ukraine Vacation Guide knows where to go! Rivne is the regional center of Western Ukraine, the transport hub on the main highway Kyiv-Chop. The first written reference in 1282 and officially city dates back to the XV century. During the Second World War it was the capital of German-occupied Ukraine. Rivne is called Amber city, because this is the only place in Ukraine, where amber is mined and processed. Rivne may be interesting for married couples with children. You can spend time with a family ad have a perfect cheap vacation.

BalakleyaUkraine Vacation Guide knows a lot of places you may have a cheap vacation. Balakleya today is not a very modern but a green, cozy and quiet place. It is the place which every modern citizen needs for a really good and healthy rest – the place which makes a perfect combination of the rich Ukrainian culture, all the necessary comforts and the wild nature. Such conditions do attract many green tourists or ecological tourists to Balakleya. You may travel along river banks by kayak or by feet, or just stand still, looking around and breathing extremely clean air. Or you can take a walk in the forests where plenty of mushrooms and berries grow– you will really enjoy this. Don’t forget about your camera…

VasilyevkaRead this report of Ukraine Vacation Guide about Vasilyevka and you definetly will eager to go to this town. Cheap vacation destinations in ukraine like Vasilyevka is visiting interesting sights and having a great pleasure. It brings the spirit of old Ukrainian traditions, culture and mentality to everyone. Mild climate of Ukraine with hot summers and snowy winters, the nearest Kahovskoe reservoir and the river with unusual name Karachekrak makes this town a perfect place for the green tourism and the weekend rest from "big city life”. Zaporozhskiy region is very charming place for a trip. Vasilevka can give you a bit of peace, a bit of culture and nature string. For something more modern and urbanized you can join nearby Azov sea or Zaporozhye with its cafes, theatres, museums, island Khortitsa and DnieproGES.

Dneprodzerzhinsk, UkraineMany people know Dneprodzerzhinsk as the powerful industrial city of regional subordination, located on the right and left banks of Dnepr River. It is a nica place for a cheap vacation in Ukraine. Dneprodzerzhinsk also is known as the "city of presidents and political elite", here grew up and spent big part of their life the General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev and President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, many politicians and public figures. But Ukraine Vacation Guide know Dneprodzerzhinsk as clean neat town with many interesting architectural monuments, churches. And just locals can tell tourists local "Blue Lake" - one of the cleanest and most beautiful lakes in Ukraine.

This ukraine Vacation Guide report is about Vyshgorod. It is a littlie town that is situated on picturesque banks of the river Dnipro, north from the capital of Ukraine, the city of Kyiv. Notwithstanding to its deceptive insignificance, the town has a long and glorious history. The first mentioning about the town in "Povest Vremennyh Liet” goes far to 946 year. For those who like cheap vacation destinations and performances the festivals of historical reconstruction are regularly held there. The fans from all over Ukraine and even from abroad come to Vyshgorod to visit these festivals. The impressive show of fighting between knights in heavy armour and the Ukrainian Cossacks will not leave anyone indifferent.

Every winter Carpathians meet more and more guests which come for a cheap vacation. Hence, mounting skiing resorts here more and more joyful. Moreover, in peak of a season which coincides with the New Year's and Christmas holidays, the available network can't accept all persons interested in cheap winter vacation. We offer readers the review of mountain-skiing bases of Carpathian region. It far not exhaustive, however gives information for making a choice.  There are 17 bases in small town, several private minihotels and manors of green tourism. But in season peak almost every second private house accepts tourists. The greatest bases (on quantities of places) — "Dynamo" (180), "Politehnika-2" (130), a medical-improving complex "Slavsky" (120), boarding house "Boykivshchina", «the Pearl of Carpathians» (87), "Mountain Valley" (80). During the last years the infrastructure of Slavske develops very intensively, and some hotels and bases provide high level service. Almost on each base there are suite, or a junior suite rooms. Such service (including a food, a sauna, a car parking and so forth) can cost to 50 USD per day. Isn't it a cheap vacation?

List of skiing slopes in Slavske

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