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Budget Family Vacations

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Planning a budget family vacation  means taking so many things into consideration from the safety of the area to the activities available for the children. The aim of the holiday is for you to all relax, safe in the knowledge that the destination you choose has a good health care system, no harmful or even lethal diseases to worry about contracting and it must be a safe in terms of crime levels. Many families choose to head to the same destination year after year having found a suitable holiday location, but this can lose its appeal after a few trips, and with there being so many great destinations around the world that offer a safe and enjoyable family vacation, families can now enjoy travelling and exploring the world while being safe.

Lviv Historical Museum
Lviv Historical Museum is a perfect budget family destination is one of the oldest and richest museums in Ukraine, founded in 1893. 1940 can be considered the date of the second birth of the museum, when Historical Museum of Lviv and National Museum of King John III (founded 1908) were merged into one institution - Lviv Historical Museum (LIM). The collection of newly formed museum also included exhibits of some former Lviv museums, including Museum named after Prince Lubomirski, the Museum of Shevchenko Scientific Society, the Museum Stavropigiyski Institute. Currently Lviv Historical Museum includes over 330 thousand exhibits. There are archaeological materials, paintings, sculptures, drawings, archival documents, manuscripts, printed books, metal, leather, wood, glass and porcelain, furniture, watches, musical instruments, photographs and photo negatives, guns...

National Literary-Memorial Museum of H.S. SkovorodaAre you in Kharkiv or looking for a  budget family destination? Thans cool, because Ukraine Vacation Guide knows a good place to visit near Kharkiv. Museum of Skovoroda is devoted to an outstanding Ukrainian philisopher. Skovoroda is  founder of Ukrainian philosophy, poet, teacher, educator of Ukraine "foolish and wise» XVIII century, the first Ukrainian fabulist, and more - musician, singer, composer and people’s wise man. His earthly path ended here, at the estate of landlords Kovaliski November 9, 1794. On the territory of the museum park  there are favorite places of the poet (700-year-old oak, a well), the tomb of the philosopher, the monument of Skovoroda. The house, built in XVIII century as a garden pavilion and used as house for guests and parties.

This museum is a must see while your family vacation travel to Kharkiv. Read this travel article of Ukraine Vacation Guide to find out about history of this museum, its collection and exhibitions. But you must visit it to get aquainted with masterpieces represented in the Museum. Just several interesting facts. The section of decorative art includes original items of eastern European porcelain and bronze sculpture, the Ukrainian folk pottery, carpets, embroidery, carving and decorative painting. Museum lives despite the difficulties of today and expands. Today it includes Parhomivskyy historical and art museum (standalone unit) and the Museum of Folk Art Slobodian (branch). Kharkiv Art Museum hosts every year over 40 exhibits. The museum is well known not only in Ukraine but also abroad. An exhibition of the museum's collection takes place in Poland, Germany, USA and Finland. In 2005 Kharkiv Art Museum celebrated 200 years of its collection.

Kharkiv Academic Theatre of Musical ComedyUkraine Vacation Guide tells in this article about interesting budget family destination you can not miss during your family vacation travel to Kharkiv. It is Kharkiv Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy. The atmosphere of Moulin Rouge and Broadway - right in the center of Kharkiv. Irresistible and charming shows – dance and music, beauty and humors, modern and classic. Come with your friends to see "Silva” or "My Beautiful Lady”. Or come with your children to see "Bamby” or "Beauty and the Beast”. There are more than 50 plays written exclusively for Kharkiv Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy. And you will also enjoy them while family vacation for the unique style of Ukrainian national music culture.

Volodymyr-Volyns’kyjAre you ready to dig into the atmosphere of the ancient town, steeped in legends and myths? Are you ready to touch the history and culture of ancient times? Are you ready to visit quiet awesome place on the banks of the river Luga? Than Ukraine Vacation Guide sure that the best choice for you to make is a family vacation in the medieval city of Volodymyr-Volynskyj, one of the oldest cities in Ukraine. Visitors will definitely enjoy clean and beautiful city with hospitable citizens and lots of historical attractions. At first city visitors should visit the oldest monumental buildings – churches and cathedrals. The most famous of them is The Church of Assumption, one of the oldest temples of Ukraine, which dates back 1160’s. The ancient white-stone building overlooks the city little aside from the city center. 

AkimovkaUkraine Vacation Guide invites you for an excellent vacation to such budget family destination as Akimovka! Akimovka is a cozy town in southern Ukraine, situated on the river Small Utlyuk, 4 km from the highway Moscow - Simferopol. The beauty of nature and fresh air will distract you from the urban bustle and will give unforgettable experience. Akimovka district includes many natural reserves, as well as health resorts. The perl of Akimovka region is Kyrilivka wellness area. In 1999 it received the status of national importance. Kyrylivka is visited by more than 3 million people in summer time. The quality of the proposed vacation is diverse, from holiday VIP European level to the most democratic. Hotel services and facilities - recreation, resorts, motels and Pioneer camps are located in the center of Kyrylivka and spits of Peresyp and Fedotov.

EnergodarUkraine Vacation guide calls you to Energodar  to apend an unforgettable family vacation! Today Energodar is one of the most comfortable cities of Ukraine with a population of 55 thousand people. The city combines the seemingly incompatible things - a great nature and industry. And as electricity development is safe for environment, air in a city is pure, filled with pine aroma and a river cool. If you come to Energodar in summer or fall, you can become the witness of exciting sport event. In September and October visit the Regatta «the Cup of the Kahovsky sea».

KalushOk, now Ukraine vacation Guide calls you to visit budget family destination Kalush. This cozy town has an extremely advantageous geographical position, as well-developed transport network connects Kalush with Central Europe and West through the air, railways and highways. Kalush attracts people for family vaqcations by its picturesque landscapes, beautiful nature, which is represented by dense forests, where you can always go for walk and make a picnic, by the mountainous rivers Limnytsya, Mlynivka and Syvka, Limnytsya, by the way, is the cleanest river in Europe. Architecture of Kalush is very diverse, walking on the streets of this cozy town, especially, in the central part of Kalush, you can notice a lot of buildings, which preserve Polish and Austrian styles, and some of them still remain soviet proletarian style.

Yalta Seaside ParkSeaside Park is a favorite creation of Yaltians. They have created a perfect family vacation spot, an extensive park with a mass of ornamental trees and shrubs on the site of vacant lots that were here before the war. Flowers grow along alleys, magical roses of Yalta are among them. Seaside Park  is one of the most beautiful parks for in the Crimea to visit during a family vacation. Its territory extends along the western coast of Yalta bay for two kilometers and is a natural extension of the Yalta embankment. While walking along the alleys of the park you can find rare plants from around the world. Most of them are evergreen plants, some of them are 200 years old. Pebble beach is licated on the shore of Seaside Park. 

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