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02 Apr 2012 2:00 PM
Sudak is a seaside town in Ukraine, south-eastern Crimea, the traditional center of wine production and the bech vacation resort.

Sudak is located in the middle of the south-east coast of the Crimean peninsula, 47 km north-east of Alushta and 42 km south-west of Feodosia. The city is located in a valley, on the shore of Sudak Bay, between Krepostna Mountain and Cape Alchak. The city is covered on the north with ridge of mountains. To the east is an arid valley Kapselskaya. On the west is the typical Mediterranean climat area.

Sudak is located in a mountain bowl at the foot of the majestic Bear Mountain. From old times it gained fame of the resort town. There is an amazing beauty of nature and the enchanting scent of juniper. Location, climate and healthy air has healing effects on people suffering from respiratory and nervous diseases. Such famous artists as Marina Tsvetaeva, I. Aivazovsky, M. Voloshin, L. Bruni and many others stayed there for a long time. A lot of tourists from around the world come here today. Everyone will find there the best way to spend vacation. Married couples come here for a family vacation with their children, they find here a warm sea and fine beaches. Young people visit cafes and discos, the travelers can find there interesting tours and new places for hiking.  

While Sudak is rather little town, there is a well developed infrastructure. At every step you will find, cafes, restaurants, entertainments, stalls with ice cream and fruits, souvenirs and sightseeing tours. Cypress Alley is the center of the town. Tourists love to walk there in the evening. It is also the youth place to rave. Also you can take pictures with wild animals or in various costumes on the waterfront. If you prefer a quiet beach vacation, you will find there warm sun, the sea breeze, dinner in a cozy cafe.

Sudak and its surroundings have large number of attractions. The first thing you need to see is a Genoese fortress. Preserved since the Middle Ages, it attracts tourists with its beauty, its legends. In July, Genoese fortress hosts an international festival Knights Castle. Lot of people go on holiday to Sudak, to try hand at mountaineering. The mountains here are not very high and are the best option for beginners. People also love  beach which stretches for two and a half kilometers from Alchak to Castle Mountain. You also must visit Meganom, Kapselska Bay, water park, scenic mountains and the array of Kara-Dagh.

There is very diverse selection of housing. Luxury hotels, health resorts and vacation rentals are at your service. The cost of recreation will depend solely on your desires. If you prefer to live comfortably, you will not be hard to find a suitable hotel. And if you come to have fun and relax by the sea, you can find a cheap apartment. In general, prices in Sudak directly dependent on the season.

Vacation in Sudak is an abundance of fruits and vegetables and perfect Crimean wine. Vintage champagne can be purchased at the factory of sparkling wines in the Novyi Svet (six kilometers to the West).

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