Kerch Beaches. Black Sea, Azov Sea, Kerch Strait.
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Kerch Beaches. Black Sea, Azov Sea, Kerch Strait.

09 Jul 2011 3:07 PM
Opuk beach
There are many attractive places throughout the Kerch peninsula. They  are very interesting to tourists and guests of the Peninsula. But sea and calmness are the most attractive for tourists. Beaches of Kerch Peninsula are so diverse and unusual that even Crimeans, very demanding to recreation, have great pleasure here. 

Kerch peninsula is interesting for its water area - the only place where guests can choose both the Black and Azov Sea

Narrow beaches located Near Mountain Opuk in the Kerch Strait at the foot of steep clay rocks. You may see on these rocks seams of iron ore. 

Beach pebbles  resembles rusty pieces of iron, including ancient mollusks filled with iron. This coast is dangerous during storms. 

Eltigen (Geroevka) SailEltigenGood beaches of sand and sea shell located near salt lakes. From the lake 
Tobechikskoe and almost to Eltigen (Heroevka)  stretches great beach, you may walk a whole day along it. Eltigen or "Geroevka" is the perfect place for a beach vacation. Various public and private pensions, tourist & holiday centers are built in Eltigen. 

The sand in Geroevka is clean, small and very soft. A five minute walk from the beach there is a market and shops where you can buy anything. If you are interested in history, visit  museum and monuments of the Great Patriotic War. Sail is the most epic among them.  

There is so-called second bank. Few meters from the seaside chest-depth  become shallower. It is very entertaining to play, romp and jump on the wave, and even have sex on the second bank. 

Water in the Kerch Strait, especially in shallow bays warmed to 28 ° C

In the city of Kerch located Karantinsky beach (bus stop " Institute"), but it is not very wide. Kerchians do not like it. Children's beach, which was in the center of the city is closed nows. However, a lot of good and spacious beaches on sand spits, as well as small and cozy beaches on landslides are located in half an hour from the city in different directions. The swimming season lasts in Kerch Strait from May 21 to October 9 for adults, and from 30 May to 14 September for children. There are no cold flows but storms are regular. Storms are quieter in bays and under the protection of sand spits. There is more Sun on the Kerch Strait than in Yalta - 1790 hours from April to October. 

Kerch Azov Sea BeachesShore of Sea of Azov near Kerch is hundreds of miles of virgin land resort. Most popular are Bay of Bulganak, village Yurkino, Reef Bay, Chokrak mud lake near the village Kurortnoye (former Mama Russkaya), a huge beach of Kazantip Bay (reachable from the train station Presnovodnoye), beaches near Mysove, Semyonovka, Shelkino and Arabatski Bay. All of these great beaches alternate, separated by steep areas with fantastic heaps of gray porous Kerch  limestone, from which the sea and the wind makes amazing sculptures. 

There are so many mysterious coves and sandy beaches of the Sea of Azov near Kerch. Morover, there are salt lakes with medicinal properties and amazing healing power. 

 And after all this, finally located a huge Arabatskaya split, 100 kilometers of golden sand washed by warm sea on one side and Sivash on other side. There is almost a real desert, but in our overpopulated age it is a virtue, isn’t it?

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