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PanticapaeumKerch is the most ancient city of Crimea. Guests of Kerch enjoy low-cost and high-quality vacations, long sandy sparsely populated beaches and boating. 

Kerch is rich in architectural monuments of ages ranging from antiquity to more later - Tomb of Demeter, the oldest Orthodox church in Eastern Europe St. John the Baptist Church, a medieval Turkish fortress of Yeni Kale, Kerch Fortress built in the XIX century, Adzhimushkay quarryFor the unprecedented feat of Soviet soldiers in the dungeons of Adzhimushkay during the WWII the city was awarded the title Hero City. 

Kerch has access to a variety of marine areas: the Black and Azov Sea, Kerch Strait, and a dozen of healing lakesClean beaches have vast spaces, where you can find a place for solitude. Sea air recreate health and creates a good mood.  Vacation in Kerch is an exquisite combination of beaches, romance and fun with outstanding monuments of ancient architecture. 

Attractions of Kerch 

Kerch attractions are astonishingly varied. They give a possibility to travel to different epochs during one day. The main attractions located in the city center. 

First of all, climb the Great Mitridat stairs. It was built in the 30s of the 19th century, a project developed by the Italian architector Alexander Digby. Decorative vases and stone griffins - fabulous lions with heads and wings of an eagle, symbols of the city - decorated viewing platform of stairs. Mitridat stairs give a possibility to view a wide panorama of the central part of Kerch. Big Mitridat staircase survived intact until the Crimean War of 1853-1856, and during the shelling of the city from ships the stairs were damaged. 

Mitridat stairs leads to Mount Mithridates,  named in memory of the glorious historical past, in honor of the ancient King Mithridates (whose full name - Pontus Mithridates VI Eupator). Mithridates was the king of Bosporus and his magnificent palace was on the top of the Mount.

Today on the Mount Mitridat tourists may overview the ancient excavations of Pantikapei. Panticapaeum was a Milesian colony, founded in the VI B.C. This ancient city, the predecessor of Kerch, was the capital of the Bosporus state. The city had a good harbor and led a large trade.  
Nearby stands Obelisk of Glory  to commemorate the glory of the immortal feat of Soviet soldiers who died for the liberation of the Crimea, on the top of Mount Mithridates. Exploits of liberators of Kerch - Primorskaya Army and the Azov Flotilla soldiers - perpetuates the triangular obelisk 24 meters high designed by Ginzburg, erected in 1944 at the top of Mount Mithridates.
Church of St. John the Baptist in KerchFrom Mount Mithridates beautiful view of the Church of St. John the Baptist. It is a remarkable monument of Byzantine architecture. Classified as a cross-domed church of Eastern Christian School. The closest analogy derived from the Asian regions of the Byzantine Empire and its capital of Constantinople. The unique church in Kerch is one of the architectural monuments that have survived from the heyday of Tmutarakan principality in X-XI centuries. 

You also must visit  Yeni-Kale Fortress and Citadel of Kerch. To learn more about the history of Kerch, visit Kerch Historical and Archaeological Museum

Visit the quarries of Adzhimushkay - disturbing evidence of courage during World War II. Nearby located Tsarsky Kurgan (royal burial mound) - a monument of funerary architecture of IV century BC. Researchers believe that in the royal burial mounds was buried the king of Bosporus Leucon I, Spartokid dynasty.

The variety of monuments of different eras in Kerch is amazing, its beaches are sandy and clean, sea in Kerch is warm and full of tasty fish; its people are friendly and cheerful.

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