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05 Apr 2011 10:58 AM
Alushta Alushta is one of the most popular climate resorts of Southern coast of Crimea, Ukraine. Each year travelers from all over the world come to recreate on the sea in Alushta. Clean air, beaches, warmed by the heat of the sun, lush greenery, tranquility and serenity, all of it is vacation in Alushta

The resort is located on the shores of the Black Sea. Alushta climate is very favorable for the treatment and health improvement throughout the year. Vacation in Alushta is incomparable with anything.

 In Alushta the warmest sea and the most majestic mountains of the Crimea.

How to get to Alushta 
The nearest to Alushta railway station is located in Simferopol (45 km). Near Simferopol railway station (exit to the McDonalds in the direction of the clock tower)  located bus and trolley stations. From there by bus, taxi or trolleybus № № 51, 52 you will get to Alushta within an hour.  

Entertainments in Alushta 

Alushta is a modern resort with developed entertainment industry for all age groups and a variety of tastes. Wine tasting and a visit to the Dolphinarium in the Ayu-Dag - Partenit, horseback riding, scuba diving, the largest aquarium on the southern coast of Crimea, a water park "Almond Grove", park of attractions for children, concert halls, nightclubs, discos, bowling and trips on quad bikes – everyone can find a suitable leisure. 

Beaches of Alushta 

In the region of Big Alushta  there are wide (about 50 metres) small pebbles or sandy beaches. There are furnished embankments, and famous wild nude beaches around the Cape of Sauter. 

Cove on the "nose" of Bear Mountain and the other of southern capes are known for very pure water and safety from wind and strangers’ eyes.  You can get there only from the sea, and during the slightest storm, these places become deadly. At side of Bear Mountain - small pebbles beaches and parks of Partenit. In the center of the bay sheltered rocky promontory Bear (Kucuk-Au), holidaymakers like sunbathing there. 

West of the rocky cape Plaka extends a big beach resorts "Utes" and "Karasan”, the local parks are declared monument of landscaping art of the nineteenth century, they abound with luxurious Atlas cedar and deodar, Italian pines, rare and exotic plants and evergreen species. 

East of the cliff, on the contrary of Golubovsky stones located dense buildings slipways. Then a small "no man's zone”, where the rest savages. This Kuchuk Lambatsky chaos stone - huge boulders on which nice to sunbathe. The water here is very pure, and in the crevices between the slabs live many crabs. Chaos turns into a narrow natural beach of pebbles and gravel. Above it - a green beam. 

Alushta proffessor cornerHence it is easy to come to the Professor's Corner - sanatorium area with a huge artificial beach and a concrete embankment. The beaches here are good with small flat gravel, which is pleasing to the feet and in contrast to the sand, do not leave any water turbidity. 

In the city of Alushta only one beach has good soft sand. In July and August it is severely overloaded and it is hard to expect the clear water. Further to the east of the city is a long string of beaches and resorts. You can get on them you only by pass. There are artificial beaches of gravel and pebbles. 

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