Yeni-Kale fortress
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Yeni-Kale fortress

07 Jul 2011 11:37 AM
Yeni-Kale fortress is one of the most interesting and beautiful sights of Kerch. It is located in a strategic location - at the narrowest part of the Kerch Strait. 

Yeni-Kale fortressTo visit the fortress of Yeni Kale, go to the northeastern part of the city. In Turkish "Yeni-Kale" means "new castle". Fortress of Eni-Kale was built  to control the passage of ships between the Black and Azov Seas. 

Nowdays only occasionally relatives of sailors take the position to see vessel passing a narrow section of the Kerch Strait. They come at the appointed time, armed with binoculars to see at least a glimpse of dear person. 

Yeni-Kale fortress is a popular place among tourists for guided tours. The castle was built by the Turkish Ottomans in the late 17th - early 18th century. Goloppo, an Italian who adopted Islam, supervised the construction of Yeni Kale. The purpose of construction is to prevent penetration of Russian ships into the Black Sea. 

Yeni-Kale fortress is perfectly situated for monitoring the passing ships. Steep bank opposite Chushka spit as if created for this purpose. The ship could not make a maneuver and exposed oneself to weapon shots of the shore batteries. The position of the fortress was securely covered with shoals, and the rear was a fortress of Taman. Former staff at the Cafe (now Feodosia) was transferred to the reserve, as well as the fortress of Kerch. And in the fortress of Eni-Kale was the main headquarters of Turkish defense. 

The shape of the fortress of Yeni-Kale - the wrong trapezoid with high battlements on the perimeter. The gates were strengthen with grounds  for  troops and towers. Three roads led to the fortress of Eni-Kale. The first one passed along the coast of Kerch, second from Dzhankoi and the third from the ferry to the Taman. Yeni-Kale garrison could hold up to 2000 people. 

In 1774 in the lexicon of inhabitants appeared a combination of "Kerch-Yeni-Kale," and in a new city appeared Greeks and natives of Sloboda Ukraine. Since 1873 the city center finally moved to Kerch, and Yeni-Kale is in decline. 

In 1825, fortress of Yeni-Kale was abolished, on its territory appeared military hospital with a small settlement around. 1855 was the last year, when the fortress of Eni-Kale took part in the wars. Yeni-Kale battery conducted in Kerch short battle with Anglo-French landing. Russian troops withdrew because of unequal strength. After the Crimean War, the fortress of Yeni-Kale finally became a dacha suburb of Kerch. In the 1880's hospital was closed and castle became derelict. 

You may get to the fortress of Yeni-Kale by bus № 24,32.

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