Tsarsky Kurgan (Royal burial mound)
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Tsarsky Kurgan (Royal burial mound)

08 Jul 2011 3:08 PM
This masterpiece of ancient architecture is located five kilometers from  Kerch. Royal burial mound (Tsarsky Kurgan) is a monument funerary architecture of IV century BC. Researchers believe that in the royal burial mounds was buried king of Bosporus Leucon I, Spartokid dynasty. 

Tsarsky Kurgan (Royal burial mound)From the summit of Mount Mithridates in Kerch you may see two gray hills. There are famous Melek-Chesmensk and royal burial mounds. Stone vaults, silent witnesses of Pantikapei’s glorious history are inside these hills. Both monuments were built, presumably, in the second half of the IV BC 

Imperial crypt was not found during the excavations of burial mounds. It was plundered in antiquity. However, judging by its size and imposing, it is believed that there was buried representative of the dynasty of Spartokid - Bosporus king Leucon I (389-349 years. BC). Dimensions of this mound is much greater than Melek-Chesmensky. Its height is 17 meters, the circumference 260, a diameter of 80 meters. 

Masonry of  burial vault is also unique. Perfectly aligned circles, built of dry stone slabs. Filmmakers found them very suitable for the filming of unearthly architecture. You can also can see the lapidary near king's burial mound. It is a diverse collection of antiquities: stellas, sarcophaguses, pedestals. 

At the entrance to the cell lung expansion creates the illusion of a shorter term, so the path to the tomb seems shorter. But when viewed from the inside perspective effect "works" on the contrary, visually elongating and narrowing the exit from the tomb. 

Royal burial mound is located on the southwest slope of a hilly ridge, 5 km from the center of Kerch, on the outskirts of the village Adzhimushkay

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