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12:26 PM
PanticapaeumPanticapaeum is the Milesian colony, founded in the VI BC. at Tauride Peninsula at the Strait of Kerch. This ancient city, the predecessor of Kerch, was the capital of the Bosporus state. The city had a good harbor and led a large trade. Today tourists may see remnants of fortifications, houses, buildings, public buildings, tombs of Panticapeum.  

Bosporus Expedition 1930 - 1950th  found in Panticapaeum objects of non-Greek origin. Now, however, difficult to decide whether these findings belonged to the settlement older then Panticapaeum or settlers - not Greeks who lived in the Greek polis. In addition to the written and material sources, there are toponymical evidences of the existence of the ancient Cimmerians and other peoples before Greeks. 

Greeks  called Peninsula and the strait the Cimmerian. The names of Panticapaeum has non-Greek origin. Either way, there is a hypothesis that places where Ionia Greeks came  were already populated, and the ancient cities were built in close connection with pre-existing populations. 

How to get there. 
Any route to stop Lenin Square, climb to the summit of Mount Mithridates and descend to the right of the Eternal Flame.

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