Kerch Historical and Archaeological Museum
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Kerch Historical and Archaeological Museum

08 Jul 2011 5:32 PM
Visit to one of the oldest museums in Ukraine will give you familiarity with ancient and medieval history of Kerch. Kerch Historical and Archaeological Museum is a vacation spot that really worth to see, visiting ancient Kerch. 
Kerch Historical and Archaeological MuseumKerch Historical and Archaeological Museum is one of the oldest in Ukraine. Its official opening took place on June 15, 1826. The idea of the state museum in Kerch was expressed by IA Stempkovsky (later chief of the town of Kerch) in 1823. In 1825th, it was decided to open  museums in Odessa and Kerch, on the basis of a memorandum filed to Emperor Alexander I by the Governor General of the Novorossiysk Territory Earl MS Vorontsov. The basis for the collection of the Kerch Museum of Antiquities was the private collection of Paul Dyubryuks, constantly updated through systematic research of ancient and medieval monuments. The study was performed by P. Dyubryuks, his contemporaries and their successors. Since 1833, the museum was subordinated to the Imperial Archaeological Commission, and f its objectives were to collect and storage of old items, search for unique items to supplement the collections of the Hermitage. The scientific activity of the Kerch Museum has played an important role in the development of national archaeology and laid the scientific foundation for the protection of monuments and local history. 

Social upheavals and catastrophes of the twentieth century affected provincial Kerch. But hard times and anarchy period of revolution and civil war did not destroy the museum. With the establishment of Soviet power, the museum was transferred to the Commissariat of Public Education, and the new principal focus of its work became  cultural and educational work. In 1922 the museum became known archaeological, and at the same time it was transferred to one of the best buildings in the city - a private mansion of cigarette manufacturer Mesaksudi P. It is an architectural monument of the XIX century. Exposition of the museum is located there so far. 

Enormous losses were suffered by the Kerch Museum of the Great Patriotic War. 

Kerch Historical and Archaeological Museum exhibitionsAt present Kerch Historical and Archaeological Museum  has two exhibitions: "The history of the kingdom of the Bosporus" and "Kerch region during the Middle Ages." The exhibition "The History of Kingdom of the Bosporus" was opened in 2006 for the 180th anniversary of the museum. There are more than two thousand items, many of which are archaeological finds of recent years, exhibited for the first time. 

Kerch Historical and Archaeological Museum has one of the oldest physical evidence of Christianity. It is the gravestone of Deacon Eusebius, which dates from 436 a year. 

Another pride of the museum is a sculptural portrait of St. Andrew of the XIV - XV centuries and stone "with the foot of the Apostle". This stone was found near the Church of St. John the Baptist

Get there from the city bus terminal by bus route number 5, № 6, № 19. Stop "Museum".

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