Adzhimushkay quarry
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Adzhimushkay quarry

08 Jul 2011 2:31 PM
Adzhimushkay quarryAdzhimushkay quarry is an underground quarry in the city of Kerch. Gray porous Kerch limestone is a unique rock, nowhere else found. The catacombs are a monument to technology, production of building stone of ancient and medieval times. There is evidence that Christians in the catacombs of Kerch appeared in the 2nd century.

Before the Russian Revolution (1917), the quarry has repeatedly served as a gathering place and the base of the Bolshevik underground. Guerrillas based there during the Civil War in 1918-20. 

Adzhimushkay quarry near Kerch is one of the most dramatic sites of the Great Patriotic War. May 8, 1942, German troops launched an offensive in the Kerch Peninsula.  May 6, 1942 German troops took possession of Kerch. The troops of the Crimean front, defending the city were forced to evacuate to the Taman Peninsula. Part of the troops (more than 10 thousand people), which covered the retreat and the crossing of the main forces, was cut off and took up defensive positions in Adzhimushkay quarries. Part of the local population also came down to Adzhimushkay quarries. 

The Nazis surrounded quarry by rows of barbed wire, blew up and blocked up the entrances, injected  poisonous gas into the underground tunnels, staged falls. Adzhimushkay garrison applied strikes to the enemy despite the acute shortage of water, food, medicines, ammunition destroying posts and tanks of German troops.   

In the fighting, as well as from the wounds, landslides, suffocation and starvation were killed thousands of Soviet soldiers and civilians. The heroic defense of the Adzhimushkay quarries hold considerable enemy forces. 

"Everyone! All! All! All the peoples of the Soviet Union! We, the defenders of Kerch, choking on the gas, we die, but do not give up!" – this is a radio message, which was ordered to air by Col. P. Yagunov, commander of the garrison of Big Adzhimushkay quarry, located near Kerch.  

In November 1943, the Adzhimushkay quarry was liberated by the 56th Army. 

Excavations of Adzhimushkay quarries at 1960th. Museum of Defense Adzhimushkay underground quarries was founded in 1966.

Get there by bus number 4. 

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