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The Ukrainians are renowned throughout the world for their love of noisy celebrations and fun entertainment. Travel to Ukraine and you will be able to feel the wave of emotion that will cover you while spending your leisure time. Admirers of nightlife may visit clubs, which in most cases will pleasantly surprise with their rates.

In the major cities and in Crimea there are excellent water parks and cinemas that will make a memorable vacation for the whole family. If desired, you can even make a jump with a parachute, hang glide, ride on water skis, try a bungee jumper. It all depends on how much you burn with the desire to experience the adrenaline rush. Tourists who prefer a more relaxing vacation, can make biking, hiking, tours to historic sites and vacation spots, do shopping, go to a museum or an exhibition, play bowling, billiards and sing in karaoke. All such activities are located in any mall. Finally we should mention dramatic theaters, opera and ballet theaters, art galleries...

The most popular travel destinations of Ukraine are Crimea, Odessa and the Carpathian Mountains, but Ukraine can offer tourists much more. Start your travel to Ukraine from the area of Kiev. The further away from the capital, the more interesting the natural environment. At 48 km from Kiev is the village of Tripoli, with a Devic Mountain in the center, above the Dnieper. From there, you will see a spectacular panorama of the Dnieper and the surrounding area. Anyone interested in the history of Ukraine, will be able to visit in Tripoli two archaeological museums: state museum on Posadov mount and a private museum near pier, owned by collector Alexander Polishchuk. Continue exploring Tripoli culture in Pereyaslavl Museum of Tripoli culture (Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky). This city is known for Ethnographic Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life in the open. What else to see? Kobza museum, museum of Gregory Skovoroda, Ascension Cathedral (famous architectural masterpiece). If you want to enjoy nature and silence, then the path is to the city Rzhyshchiv where picturesque wooded hills surround wide Dnieper.

Zhytomyr region is also very interesting to visit. In Rudne (Olevsky district) located a stone village. Stone boulders rise from the ground among lowland forest, resembling petrified houses. According to eyewitnesses, this show is amazing.

Berdichev and Carmelite monastery-fortress deserve separate attention. Experienced Ukrainian travelers advised to visit historical museum. The museum has a great tour guide. And a lot of interesting exhibits, including painting masterpieces.

Go to the north of Kiev to the Chernihiv region and you will appreciate the privacy and harmony of arboretum Trostyanets (in the south-east, 90 km from Nezhin). This beautiful landscaped park was created in the 19th century by representative of Hetman Ivan Skoropadsky. In the village Kachanivka you can visit palace and park of Tarnavsky. One of the most interesting cities in the region is Baturyn, where, besides the famous Baturyn citadel and palace of Kirill Razumovsky, located St. Nicholas Krupitsky Monastery, Resurrection and St. Basil's Churches.

Cherkasy region is famous for amazing mountains of Tyasminsky Canyon (near the town of Kamenka). To the south of Kanev you can visit Kanevsky mountains. On the border of Cherkassy and Vinnitsa regions (rural Buki) traveller can enjoy the peace and harmony of picturesque Buksky canyon. In Chigirin travel to ukraine must include a visit to the Castle Hill, the Museum of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and the Kazan Cathedral.

Gogolevo MuseumTravelers who go to the edge of dumplings and Gogol to Poltava will have much fun. It is interesting to visit villages Dikanka and Great Sorochintsy, Gogol wrote about. But there are other interesting places lkke Lubny city with its magnificent churches, Oposhnya with its Museum of Ukrainian pottery. Learn more about Nikolai Gogol in the museum-estate of Gogol (Gogolevo, 24 km from Mirgorod).
If you go to the North, you can find famous Putivel, Old town in Sumy region. Yaroslavna monument is installed in the ancient fortress on a hill above the center of Putivel.

Travel to right-bank Ukraine, famous for its palaces and castles. Begin your travel to Ukraine from Vinnitsa region. The Busha village is interesting due to Bushansky castle, built in the XVI century, can book a tour with a guide there. In Nemirov tourist can visit the palace and park of princess Scherbatova, which preserved very well. Just 15 minutes from Nemirov, on rapids of the Southern Bug between villages and Sokilets and Pechera tourist can find an old water mill. In Brailov you should see a park complex on the banks of the River Ditch, built in the XIX century by a wealthy railroad magnate Karl von Meck. His wife Nadezhda von Meck maintained friendly relations with the composer Peter Tchaikovsky. The estate can supply a museum and tour guides.

In the nearby Khmelnitsky region visit Starokonstantinov - watchtower, water mill, a picturesque Ostrog castle. A 15-minute drive from it, in the village Samchyky is a beautiful palace and park complex - Estate of Chechel (XVIII-XIX centuries). Of course, it is impossible to ignore Medzhibozhsky Castle (38 km from Khmelnytskyi).

Ternopil region is famous for waterfalls, caves, natural boundaries with marvelous natural beauty. Cave Ozerna, Dzhurinsky waterfall, Dniester Canyon are only a small fraction of the wonders traveler can see in this part of Ukraine. One of the most beautiful cities in the region is Chortkiv, where tourist must visit the Dominican church and Chortkiv castle.

In the Lviv region has everything for a pleasant journey: rivers, mountains, castles, healing mineral water. The most famous architectural monuments of the area are Zolochevsky, Pidhirtsi Olesko castles. The village Svirzh is known for gorgeous Svirzh Castle, it is one more reason to travel to Ukraine. Near the Skhodnitsa resort in the forest tourist will find amazing rock reserve Tustan. 19 km from the reserve, near the village of Krushelnitsa located picturesque waterfall Gurkalo.

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