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Transfer in Ukraine

You can transfer in Ukraine by buses, planes, trains, taxis, your own or rented car. Prices for public transfers and taxis are quite low. There are not the best roads in Europe, so be prepared for the fact that it is necessary to drive around the pit from time to time. In addition, the quality of gasoline at the pump is not always perfect, and the traffic police (DAI) sometimes stops cars with one sole purpose - to take a bribe. But do these little things can stop a real traveler? 


Ukraine RailwayRailway transport of Ukraine is developed very well, although it has quite obsolete coaches. The railway network covers the entire country, even up to the Carpathians.

Tickets can be purchased in the specialized agencies and train station. There are no discounts on tickets there.

Recently appeared a network of offices for "better service for passengers", where you can purchase tickets to "scarce" destinations for large fee but without standing in line, and with greater assurance.

There are high-speed rail connection for transfer in Ukraine between destinations Kyiv-Kharkiv and Kyiv-Dnipropetrovsk.

There are plans to open a high-speed trains connecting Kyiv-Odesa, Kyiv-Lviv and Moscow-Kharkiv-Simferopol.

Urban Transport of Ukraine


Three Ukrainian cities have subway: Kiev, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk.


Most of the passengers in the cities of Ukraine are carried by buses and trolley buses.

Simferopol and Yalta are connected by the longest trolleybus line in Europe (journey time - 1 hour 30 min.). The fee for bus tickets varies in different cities.


Taxis are almost everywhere. Minibuses connect the main resort areas and train stations. When transfer in Ukraine by taxi outside the city fee limits should be agreed in advance. At night, the rate doubles sometimes.

Car hire

Car hire service is poorly developed in Ukraine, waiting list may take a few months. However, in the large cities of Ukraine, you can rent a car. Fees to hire are high enough. The cheapest economy class car can cost at least $ 100.

Roads in Ukraine

The central roads are in fairly good condition. The roads of the Crimea and the Carpathians are in poor condition.

You may meet very often dump trucks or farm equipment on most public roads, as well as distilled herds of cattle. Increased attention should be payd on numerous markets (including roadside), in older areas of cities and at the intersections with secondary roads.

When crossing the border you will be charged a fee for the vehicle and given a pass for transfer in Ukraine.  ДАІ (road police of Ukraine) will check it very often as well as civil liability insurance.

If you trip to Ukraine is longer than 2 months, the car must be registered in the nearest ДАІ office.

During the temporary stay both international and national driver's licenses are valid.

Airline transfers in Ukraine

Major carriers on domestic routes: Aerosvit, Wizz Air, Dnieproavia and Ukraine International Airlines. There are several airports in Ukraine.

The most popular destinations for transfer in Ukraine by airplane are Kiev - Odessa and Kiev - Simferopol. There are up to five flights per day on both destinations provide. 

The frequency of flights on other destinations does not exceed 1-2 flights per day: Lviv, Lugansk and Ivano-Frankivsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Chernivtsi, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Uzhhorod.

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