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Ukraine Airport

Borispol Airport

Borispol, Kyivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 08307
Phone: +38 (044) 393 43 71, 490 9935

Borispol is an international ukraine airport in Kiev, the largest airport in terms of transportation in the territory of Ukraine. Located at 18.5 km east of the entrance to Kiev (Kharkov area and the metro station "Borispol"), in the town of Borispol Kiev region. Serves 62% of international air travel in Ukraine. The airfield is capable of accepting all types of aircraft. Classification of the runway (PCN): 18p/36l 39/R/C/X/T, 18l/36p 80/R/C/W/T. There are five terminals. Terminal A for domestic flights in Ukraine, closed September 14, 2011. Terminal B  serves most of the passengers traveling in the near and far abroad (international flights). Since September 15, 2011, all flights to Borispol airport (domestic and international) go through this terminal. Terminal C (VIP-passengers). Terminal F (international flights, mostly charter and low cost airlines). Ukraine travel guide recomends this airport.

Zhulyany airport

Povitroflots'kyi Ave, 79, Kiev, Kyivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 03036
Phone: +38 (044) 242 23, 242 23

Kiev Zhulyany airport  covers an area of ​​265 hectares. It has a runway length of 2310 m and a width of 45 meters. During the first half of 2009 there was completed a reconstruction of the runway and appeared an opportunity to take heavy aircrafts such as Boeing 737 and Airbus A320. On May 11, 2009 the airport began to work around the clock. This Ukraine airport has international status, but it is mainly used for domestic flights. May 17, 2012 was opened a new terminal "A" with a capacity of 320 passengers per hour. Inside the terminal there are 4 restaurants, 5 bars, 3 Duty Free Shops 2 rooms for mothers and children; ordinary and business rest rooms. There is also the largest aviation museum in Ukraine, where on the ground under the open sky exhibited many types of civil and military aircraft.

Simferopol International Airport

Airport, Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine, 95491
Phone: +38 (652) 59 55 65, 59 53 16, 59 54 17, 0-900-31-657-1

The Simferopol terminal is ready to accept anyone who wants to fly to the Crimea, bringing tourists to  resorts of southern coast of Crimea, and other resort towns of the peninsula. It has terminal for international airlines and the domestic Ukrainian flights terminal. There are also superior rooms for  passenger service of "VIP" and business class, favorable conditions for the airlines of Ukraine, CIS and foreign countries and their missions, flying in the Ukraine airport Simferopol. There are flights from Ukraine to Kiev, Tel Aviv, Frankfurt am Main, Istanbul, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Tashkent, Khabarovsk, Yerevan, Lviv, Kaliningrad, Samarkand, Riga, Orenburg, Warsaw, Samara and other cities described in Ukraine travel guide.

Odessa International Airport

Odessa International Airport
Airport, Odessa, Odes’ka oblast, Ukraine, 65054
Phone: +38 (048) 749-58-25, 39-35-15

Odessa International Airport is located in the southwestern part of the city of Odessa. Distance from city center is- 7.5 km., it covers an area of ​​570.3 hectares. It is one of the largest terminals in Ukraine and is connected by air lines to many cities of Ukraine, CIS and Western Europe, Asia and Africa. The airfield of Ukraine airport has one runway, 57 parking places, a network of taxiways and one MRD. The airfield is equipped with means for air traffic control. Artificial runway has a size of 2800x56 m, equipped with radio equipment planting, lighting system, meteorological equipment, providing round the clock service for the meteorological conditions of the 1st ICAO category. There is a passenger terminal for international and domestic flights with the total capacity of 400 passengers per hour. An area of the airport complex is 5905 m2.

Aerodromna St, 42, Dnepropetrovsk, Dnipropetrovs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 49000
Phone: +38 (044) 230-97-31, 496-79-30

Dnepropetrovsk Airport is located 15 km from the city, near the village of Old Kodak. You can get to the airport by Zaporizhia Highway. It is recommended to arrive to the Ukraine airport for customs control for 2 hours for international Ukrainian flights and 1 hour before departure of internal flights. The new runway (3260x60 m) will be longer and wider than the existing (2850x44 m), located along the existing lane, 150 meters from it (towards the passenger terminal). Reconstruction and repair of apron and taxiways will be provided with increased coverage and increase of carrying capacity. The capacity of the new terminal will be about 1,000 people per hour. At the same time in the future, the existing terminal will serve only for domestic flights. The total capacity of the  terminals will exceed 1,500 passengers every hour.

Donetsk International Airport

Zlitna St, 1, Donetsk, Donets'ka oblast, Ukraine, 83021
Phone: +38 (062) 344-72-00, 344-72-55

Donetsk international airport is located 10 km north-west of the city.  It has a runway length of 4000 meters, a width of 60 meters, runway thickness of 1 meter and a modern lighting. The Ukraine airport can accept all types of aircraft with almost zero visibility in all weather conditions and provide high quality service. Reconstruction of the airport has acquired the value of priority importance during the preparation of the Donetsk region for Euro-2012. Donetsk is able to accept all types of aircraft including the Boeing-747 and Airbus- 380, with almost zero visibility due to the modern lighting on its runway. According to experts of Ukraine travel guide, Donetsk airport runway is the most modern in Ukraine and one of the best in Europe. May 14, 2012 a new air terminal was officially put into operation, which was a nice gift to residents and guests of the Donetsk region on the eve of the football championship EURO-2012. Modern interior, high glass facade, the building is literally flooded with light. There is a comfortable registration procedure and comfortable waiting rooms. Passenger traffic "on arrival" and "to take off" do not overlap. The total area of the terminal ​​is 58 000 square meters, the bandwidth of about 3100 passengers per hour.

Luhansk International Airport

Luhansk, Luhansk oblast, Ukraine, 91000
Phone: 38 (0642) 35 31 05, 38 (0642) 35 31 16

Luhansk International Airport is located south of the city, at a distance from the city center about 20 km (settlement Vydne). It is the base for the "Lugansk Airlines." From December 2009 is the base for «UTair-Ukraine". The airfield is capable of receiving the Tu-154 and more lightweight, as well as helicopters of all types. The classification number of the runway (PCN) 21/R/B/X/T.

Airport Lviv

Lyubins'ka St, 168, Lviv, L'vivs'ka oblast, Ukraine,  79000
Phone: (38) 032 229-8112

Lviv Airport named Daniel Galicia ("Sknilov") is located 6 km from the center of Lviv city. It is reconstructed in such areas as: the construction of a new passenger terminal, renovation of the old terminal, reconstruction of the runway. Length of the runway of this Ukraine airport is 2510 meters, with the possibility of the implementation of eight flights per hour. Upon completion of construction and renovation work, its capacity will reach 2000 passengers per hour. The runway will be lengthened to 3305 meters.

Zaporizhzhya International Airport

Viis'kbud str., Zaporizhzhya, Zaporiz'ka oblast, Ukraine, 69000
Phone: (061) 721-46-09

The airfield of Zaporizhzhya airport is capable of receiving AN-124 "Ruslan", the IL-76 (limited by weight), Tu-154 and more lightweight, as well as helicopters of all types. The main concrete runway 02/20, Class B has a qualifying number (PCN) 33/R/B/X/T, lighting equipment. Unpaved Runway if the Ukraine airport 02/20 is capable of taking in dry weather aircraft with tire pressure to 10 atm. Previously operated at the airfield, another concrete runway 09/27 (size 1300h40 m), now it is used as a taxiway and parking areas for the IL-76.

Chernivtsi Airport

Chernivtsi  Airport
Chkalova St, 30, Chernivtsi, Chernivets'ka oblast, Ukraine, 58009
Phone: (03722) 4-32-21, (03722) 4-16-26, 050 434-07-12

There are two runways: Basic 15/33, used in everyday work of receiving and sending aircraft; asphalt coating, physical size: 2216 m long and 42 m wide, Class 2 (PCN 21 / F / D / Y / T) and allows to take aircrafts like: AN-12, Yak-42, Tu-134, etc. weighing up to 75t. Additional soil runway. Chernivtsi  Airport accepts  aircraft throughout the year without restrictions, in light and dark. Capacity-ups 12 landings per hour. Ukraine airport rescue and fire protection provided by vehicles according to 5 categories. Lightning equipment abd radio system allow for a safe landing in poor visibility.

Vinnitsa Airport (Gavrishovka)

Havryshivka, Vinnitsa oblast, Ukraine, 23202
Phone: (0432) 32-48-75

Airport Vinnitsa (Gavrishovka) is located 7.5 km east of the railway station of Vinnitsa and 1 km to the south-west of the village Gavrishovka. There is a traffic interchange (road and rail) for the carriage of passengers and cargo both in Ukraine and abroad (from China, Russia and the Middle East). The length of the runway 2.5 km. The airfield is suitable for the operation of aircraft for a year with no restrictions during daylight hours. Airport Vinnitsa provides takeoff, landing and control of aircrafts index 5 or less. December 10, 2008 appeared an international crossing the state border for air traffic. Since 2009 the Ukraine, airport takes seasonal charter flights.


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