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Ukraine Fast Food

Kiev Crimea Donetsk Kharkiv
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New Ukrainian Fast Food

Potato House

300-richchya Rosiis'koho Flotu square, 1, Sevastopol', Crimea, Ukraine, 99000
Phone: +38 (0692) 54-30-62

Potato House Ukraine fast food is intermediate between fast food and traditional restaurant. You can construct your buritos solely by adjusting the hotness and the combination of fillings in it. Do not deny yourself the pleasure, enjoy the taste in Crimea fast food! Interior of Potato House has its own distinct feature of the design, the ethnic pop art, creating the spirit of adventure through the many elements of the "Indian" entourage, ironic portraits of brave Mexicans, items in the style of «tex-mex». A sculpture of an Indian Grandmother Konchitta is the main character, giving the tone of the atmosphere of the fast food. Our visitors are high school students, working young people, creative people ... In a word - just people. Thinking. Indifferent. Positive. Business card of Potato House is baked potatoes with sauces, grilled ribs in sweet sauce, burritas, chili con carne, steaks, pancakes (salty, sweet), salads, only organic coffee, desserts, ice creams, cocktails, alcohol.


300-richchya Rosiis'koho Flotu square, 1, Sevastopol', Crimea, Ukraine, 99000
Phone: +38 (0692) 55-61-42; (050) 325-00-10

SushiRoom Ukraine fast food offers food, comfortable pastime and entertainment. This crimea fast food is democratic and accessible. Its guests are not only contemporary, to evaluate the fashionable, healthy and useful Japanese food, but also demanding to a cozy atmosphere and comfort. Interior is modern with a Japanese twist. Primary colors are natural, cheerful, warm and "delicious" chocolate, wasabi, ginger, green. The fast food occupies two floors. Couch area, cozy booths, a separate room for smokers, club room - pre-party-room "In the Clouds" with an active bar and dance floor. It is the perfect venue for cocktail parties, press conferences, corporatives, or any family celebration.

Chelentano Pizza

Yeroshenka St, 2, Sevastopol', Crimea, Ukraine, 99000
Phone: +38 (0692) 24-03-76

Chelentano Pizza is a Ukraine fast food in Sevastopol, Crimea offers original interiors, attentive staff and consistently positive atmosphere. You will be offered a dish of fresh food, rich in trace elements, vitamins and minerals. Pasta, pancakes, salads, soups, drinks, desserts, and real coffee. All dishes of the Crimea fast food are created to impress your taste. And the pizza! Do you want something new? Experiment and enjoy your meals. Each combination of fillings emphasizes individuality and brings maximum enjoyment from the pizza just to your taste! Always be yourself means to be free!

Burger Club

Pushkina St, 2, Simferopol', Crimea, Ukraine, 95000
Phone: +38 (0652) 27-03-48

Please visit our club of good Ukraine fast food! Only here you will plunge into a cozy and friendly atmosphere, enjoy a large variety of hamburgers, French fries from the world's best brand, Italian pizza, fresh salads and more! Beer lovers will appreciate the wide range and low prices! Our suppliers are companies with a world-wide reputation, backed by a solid reputation and incomparable quality. The concept of Crimea fast food, technologies and universal equipment allow us to open up not only in the stationary buildings, but not less effectively occupy shopping malls.

Burger Club

Druzhby Narodiv St, 246, Kharkiv, Kharkivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 61000
Phone: (057) 703-03-01

Ukraine fast food Burger Club offers not only delicious and quality food, but also guarantee you a pleasant stay in our fastfoods. To do this, we are thinking primarily about our customers. Guided by the lessons learned and taking into account the wishes of our visitors, the team of Kharkiv fast food Burger Club is constantly working to improve the set of services we offer.

Puzata Hata

Sums'ka St, 2, Kharkiv, Kharkivs'ka oblast, Ukraine,  61001
Phone: (057) 766-90-31

Ukraine fast food Puzata Hata is the largest network of colorful national fast foods in Kiev and major cities of Ukraine. Puzata Hata is a cozy fastfood with extraordinary interior, bright varied national cuisine, democratic prices for people who appreciate quality. According to statistics, over 50 percent visitors of Kharkiv fast food Puzata Hata are its regular customers. We have reason to believe that Puzata Hata also became one of the culinary symbols of Kyiv and Ukraine. Numerous foreign guests pleasantly surprised by cozy interior, and proper quality of food.


Komunariv square, 1A, Donetsk, Donets'ka oblast, Ukraine, 83000
Phone: (062) 332-55-94

McDonald's ® is the worldwide leader in quick service. Ukraine fast food became the 102 th country where McDonald's began to develop Network ®. For over 10 years of McDonald's ® in Ukraine of institutions visited nearly 430 million visitors. Every day, McDonald's ® serves more than 200,000 visitors. Customers of Donetsk fast food are the reason for our existence. We demonstrate our respect for them, providing them high quality food and good service in a clean, comfortable environment at an affordable price. Our goal - a quality culture of service, cleanliness and price available to all visitors at each visit to McDonald's ®.

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