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Yevpatoriia Dolphinarium

Kyivs'ka St, 19, Yevpatoriia, Crimea, Ukraine, 97400
Phone: +38 (06569) 2-70-99; (099) 024-43-01

Black Sea bottlenose dolphins and northern fur seals take part in show under the guidance of experienced coaches. Our talented artists represent a variety of tricks and virtuoso acrobatics to the audience of Crimea entertainment. They dance, sing and write beautiful paintings. People leave Ukraine entertainment Dolphinarium in high spirits after such impressions, they become overflowed with kindness and positive emotions. Visiting Crimea, Ukraine entertainment dolphinarium and communiczting with dolphins is an unforgettable event in the life of every person. These amazing creatures have a magnetic attraction. They need a short period of time to change all previously obtained knowledge of the marine fauna. Something fabulous, unimaginable always prevails in their company. The very consciousness of the presence of the animal at arm's length results in an indescribable joy! Beautiful aura, festive mood, feeling of peace, purity and ease are usually reflected on faces of the audience.

Sevastopol Dolphinarium

Kornilova embankment, 2, Sevastopol', Crimea, Ukraine 99000
Phone: +38 (0692) 559955, (0692) 930 730, (095) 507 53 88

Watch dolphins is very entertaining. They are strong, powerful and simultaneously tender and endlessly loyal to a human. To feel it, one should communicate with dolphins in their native enviroment. Ukraine entertainment Sevastopol dolphinarium in Artbuhta offers you a unique opportunity for entertainment in Crimea, Ukraine - to swim with dolphins in a separate, specially designed pool. Just imagine the dolphin swim up to you himself. And you, holding his dorsal fin, take a "trip" on the waters of the basin. And while you swim and enjoy your Crimea entertainment, your friends and family watch you (and a little jealous) and photograph or shoot swimming on video. Pool depth - 5.47 yards, so you should hold well on the water. Children can swim since the age of five. If necessary, children are given life jackets. Swimming is held under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

Sudak Water Park

Haharina St, 79, Sudak, Crimea, Ukraine, 98000
Phone: +38 (06566) 33881

Entertainment in Crimea, Ukraine, Sudak water park opened its gates to visitors in June 2003. Park of water sports and entertainments with a unique set of services, beautifully inscribed in the south-eastern part of Sudak bay at the foot of the mountain Alchak-kai, on the shores of the Black Sea. Most people who came to vacation to Crimea, tend to acquire unforgettable memories. Sudak Waterpark is one of such places where dreams about a perfect vacation come true. Ukraine entertainment covers an area of ​​20,000 sq.m. A variety of water entertainments guarantees memorable descents, spicy pulmonary congestions, allowed for people of any age, a sense of "free flight" almost vertically - for extreme, children's pool and slides - for young visitors. On all slides available marks of their technical specifications, rules of descent, the proper body position during the descent. The use of water park attractions is under the close supervision of experienced instructors.

Koktebel Aquapark

Aquapark in Koktebel, Crimea
Lenina St, 144 B, Koktebel', Crimea, Ukraine, 98186
Phone: +38 (06562) 2-47-61

You will receive a unique range of water attractions and entertainments for every taste and every age! Waterpark in Koktebel is the newest and largest water park of the Crimea. It is located on the southeastern coast of the Crimea, Ukraine in the famous village of Koktebel. It harmoniously is fited into the surrounding landscape, as if repeating waves of hills sweeping curves of the surrounding mountains - Cape Chameleon, Mount Camel, and, of course, an ancient extinct volcano Karadag. Heady mix of sea, mountain and steppe air, natural beauty immersing you in a completely unique atmosphere of a fairytale. Waterpark in Koktebel occupies an area of ​​4, 43 hectares, of which 2.3 thousand m2 are 7 pools, 24 slides, 12 of which are designed specifically for children. 2 slides are extreme and exclusive in Crimea entertainment. Slides for little kids are stylized like fairytale characters. The design of the water park tries to recreate the atmosphere of romance of piracy. No wonder thet the the symbol of the Water Park is a parrot Silver.

Aquapark Blue Bay

Sovetskaya Street 78, Simeiz, Crimea, Ukraine 98680
Phone: +38 (654) 240-333, (050) 393-85-86

AQUAPARK BLUE BAY Crimea entertainment is located on the southern coast of Crimea in the village of Simeiz, at the foot of the mountain Cat, on the banks of the Blue Lagoon. We have created almost all the conditions for your entertainment in Ukraine, Crimea. Every day you have the opportunity to frolic in the pools and ride the rides with daily fresh sea water. You will enjou 11 cool rides: "Multipista" - a blue five-band and very cool. Length of 34 m and a height of 9 meters. "Anaconda" - red, length 154 m. Riding on it, it seems that there is no end to this pleasure, no edge. "Kamikaze" - blue and red. Length of Ukraine entertainment is 50 m each, the height of 14.6 m maximum descent speed of 6.5 m / s. Children's complex consists of four rides and swimming pools "eight."

Paintball club eXtreme ball

Ivana Horbachevs'koho St, 24, Lviv, L'vivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 79000
Phone: 8066-7722222 8066-7722221

Paintball club eXtreme ball is a Lviv entertainment, established for the active development of paintball, to promote the sport, recreation and entertainment in Lviv, Ukraine. Paintball eXtreme ball club offers high-quality entertainment and individual approach to each client. Each our customer can order the game on his own script on his site. Lviv and Western Ukraine - we do not confine the territory of the Ukraine entertainment.

APEX karting

Buzkova St, 2, Lviv, L'vivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 79000
Phone: 032-2453706, 050-4307930

APEX is the first in Lviv entertainment karting area of ​​2800 m2 and a length of 360 m track, with the possibility of participation of five cars, power 8 hp, equipped with powerful engines HONDA, volume 240 cm3, speed up to 70 km/h. The route is equipped with timing system that records the passage of the circle to 1/100 second, captures the best passing range, velocity map, rounds, ranking members. Here also located Lviv only indoor rollerdrom with professional coverage, rental of roller skates from the best world producers, experienced instructors and the atmosphere drive, positive and adrenaline. Sports-bar with widescreen TV, shooting with pneumatic weapons and mini-golf. We created all conditions for your entertainment in Lviv, Ukraine.

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